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East Haven Together
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Trustees - Governance


Emma Forrester

Christina Lyall

Jack Reid

Lynne Fotheringham

Nicola Keen

Wendy Murray

Strategies and Plans

EHT Charity Constitution


Data Protection             Safeguarding


East Haven Together welcomes volunteers of all ages and all abilities and from all corners of the world.

We provide a welcoming safe environment within which people can learn, share skills and make friendships. 

Make a Difference - Get involved Every action counts!

Community Resilience

Many communities in Scotland have their own resilience plans which link to regional and national plans. East Haven is no exception. Due to the unique topography of the area and some specific problems, East Haven has had to be very resilient for decades. When we decided to formalise a Community Resilience plan we asked people in the village - "What do we need to do to become more sustainable as a community into the future"? The East Haven plan is  therefore an example of how diverse community resilience plans can be. Resilience means different things to different people and everybody's priorities have been taken into consideration. Above all, resilience plans help communities to become stronger and respond to challenges, threats and unexpected events. They enable communities to manage themselves more effectively and become more sustainable

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