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Who to Report To

Discovered something unusual whilst out litter picking? 

Wondering if you can do more to prevent a certain kind of waste?

Here's who can help

Have you found evidence to prove waste has been dumped at sea?

Contact The Maritime and Coastal Agency.
The disposal of litter and fishing gear at sea is prohibited by the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) 

Is Fly-posting and it's associated litter a problem in your area?

Unless companies have specific permission then it is illegal to fly-post. Contact the Planning Department in your Local Authority who can take enforcement action

Is somebody regularly polluting a waterway with some kind of waste ?

Report to SEPA as they are the investigating agency.

Do you regularly find Sewage Related Debris on your beach?

Identify and count the items. Upload your data to SEPA and Scottish Water. SEPA have investigatory responsibilities and Scottish Water  are working towards prevention by upgrading the drainage and sewage network

Fly-tipped Items

Photograph the items. Immediately file a report to your Local Authority regardless of whose land it is on. Don't disturb any evidence.


If you litter pick in areas where the military undertake live exercises ensure you and your group do not pick up any dangerous devices. Report items immediately to the local based Officers.

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