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Butterfly Messages

Every stone tells its own story and together they provide a record of the hopes, dreams, fears and resilience of a community living through a global pandemic.

Many communicate messages of local and national importance to people, animals and the planet. 

Keep chasing rainbows.

Love  (several stones with this message)

You Matter (several stones with this message)

Keep Dreaming

Love Animals    (several stones with this message)

Lockdown 2020.   (several stones with this message)

Dream (several stones with this message)

Keep a Smile

Have Courage

Be Kind.  (several stones with this message)

Love our NHS.   (several stones with this message)

Stay Safe.

Please follow the rules

Sustainable Development Goals

By the light of the silvery moon

Wear a mask

Smile.  (several stones with this message)

Be Brave.  (several stones with this message)

Beam - Keep Smiling

You Matter


Be  Kind  always  ( many stones with this message)

Family.     (several stones with this message)

Be a banana

Eat Well

Have courage

When anxieties overwhelmed me you comforted me

Hope.   (many stones with this message)

Smile - You look better

You are enough

These times will pass

Keep Your Sunnyside up

Smell the Sea and Feel the Sky - Let your soul and spirit fly

The universe is what you illustrate it to be

Trees catch carbon - save our forests

The Lion King

The Hungry Caterpillar

One Planet

Stay Happy and Smile

Be the change

Stay in the Hoose - I’m serious please stay at home

Plant Trees

Care and Love

Puffins and Dolphins

Your strength will be in keeping calm

Be kind always.  (several stones with this message)

The Lord Bless you and Keep You

Thank you to all the HGV drivers

Walk - run -play - have fun

Train Crash Stonehaven - 12/8/2020

Carnoustie and it’s Small Communities

2020 Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters

Hopes and Dreams

Look after your neighbours

Be Leaf

Stay inside please


Clap for the NHS

Don’t forget Gran

Jesus Saves

Plant Trees

Care and Love

Puffins and Dolphins


Walk or cycle

Grow Love


Stay Home - Save Lives

Love your neighbour

Be The Light

The face behind the mask

Have a magic day

Love with all your heart

Scottish Distillery Week

Just keep swimming

Don't be afraid of the dark

Marcus Rashford


Silence is Golden

Keep learning always

Save our Bees

Wash your hands


Be a Butterfly


Be Green


Life Below Water (SDG)

Life on Land. (SDG)

Paradise isn’t a place it’s a feeling

Protect Wildlife

Love never fails

Carnoustie Golf Open Championship

Your strength will be in keeping calm


You Rock

Keep Calm and Carry on

Keep your mask on

We’ve all become Zoom Muppets

The more we get together the happier we will be

Love all animals

Thank you key workers

Save our Seas

Thank you for playing your part



There are many messages to and from individuals.

Some represent families and

some remember those who

are no longer

with us.

Communities from as far north as the Isle of Lewis and as far south as Devon are also represented.

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