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Wee Gallery at the Heritage Point

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The Heritage Point is situated in the main beach car park and accommodates the wonderful public toilets.  Most people who visit say that they are the best public toilets that they have ever been in. Residents are very proud of them and even hang their own paintings on the walls.  Caring for them in this way encourages respect and a sense of ownership from all who use them.  If there is one thing which unites everybody it is the need for clean, accessible public toilets and this is what East Haven aims to provide. 

 The Wee Gallery was featured on BBCs Landward during the pandemic in 2020. East Haven Together subsequently obtained funding to upgrade them in 2022/23. However, the programme is still worth a watch and can be seen in Episode 21 in the following link. 

There is no electricity supply to the Heritage Point and therefore no lighting or hot water. The pipes are very vulnerable and freeze easily. As a result the toilets have to close over the winter months.  

Clean and welcoming 

The 'Wee Gallery' Artists

Member of the British Toilet Association 

Public Toilets Managed by a Community

The idea of working in partnership with Angus Council to clean and maintain the public toilets in East Haven arose in late 2014/15 when the Council, faced with severe budget cuts had to consider the closure of public toilets across Angus. Residents were concerned that the toilets in our rural community might be closed at a time when the village was experiencing a significant increase in visitors.  After considerable discussion and debate, East Haven Together embarked on a consultation exercise by way of letter to every household. The response from residents was mixed and varied. A few people expressed apprehension at the idea of a partnership  but with the exception of one household everybody agreed that we should do whatever we could to keep the toilets open. 

Other comments from residents were as follows:

  • Public toilets are an essential service and we all need them

  • The provision of public toilets should be integral to planning and tourism.

  • The provision of an accessible toilet network is a public health issue and there should be a national strategy to support it.

  • We need to support other national strategies that encourage outdoor pursuits aimed at improving health and well-being.

  • If the toilets are closed we will see a big increase in wild toileting.

  • We can't have a national cycle route pass through the village and no toilet facility.

  • The public toilets are the window on our community. A community that cares about its public toilets sends out a strong message about the type of community it is.

  • The survival of our public toilets will impact on people's quality of life.

As a result of the consultation, volunteers stepped forward and the toilets were deep cleaned  and painted before being decorated with flowers and paintings.

The massive increase in people accessing the outdoors as a result of the pandemic in 2020 has brought the issue of public toilet provision into sharp focus. A decade of austerity has seen the network of public toilets across the UK decimated as Local Authorities cut services they do not have a legal duty to provide.

In countries such as New Zealand, free public toilets are available across towns, cities, rural settlements and even roadside viewing points. Given that the country is a similar size to the UK, it sets an example of what can be achieved to support health and well-being, tourism and local economies.

Maybe now is the time for the Scottish Government to reconsider the importance of public toilets in modern Scottish Society. Let’s be more like New Zealand and make it a legal duty to provide them and not just a discretionary power. Let's see a network of clean, well managed public toilets right across the country and encourage people to enjoy and respect our beautiful landscape and the wider environment. 


We are very proud of our community and the 'Wee Gallery at the Heritage Point'.

Great People - Great Place

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