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East Haven is one of the earliest recorded fishing communities in Scotland dating back to 1214.

The octocentenary of the village was celebrated with a wide range of gardening and heritage projects  in 2014.

A new charity called East Haven Together was subsequently launched in 2015.  A sustainability strategy linked to the United Nations Global Development  Goals underpins the charitable aims of East Haven Together which are to: 

Protect and promote the heritage of East Haven

Protect the natural heritage of East Haven

Protect and enhance the natural environment of East Haven

Promote the needs and interests of East Haven and its residents.

Protect wildlife

Develop and maintain a sustainable community

What We Do

Care for the whole area so that you can enjoy your visit

Help look after the coastal path. Provide cycle racks

Provide clean public toilets between Easter and October

Provide a dog friendly environment. Pick up any dog poo left behind.

Carry out regular beach cleans  and litter picks on the coastal paths. Provide bins.

Protect the dunes and coastal habitats. Plant Lyme and Marram grasses to prevent erosion

Provide safety equipment such as a public access defibrillator and  lifebouy 

Many thanks to NatureScot for supporting our project to make visiting East Haven an even better experience for both visitors and the community, through the #BetterPlacesFund for a #GreenRecovery

What We Need You To Do

Respect all users of the beach and coastal paths

Please walk or cycle. We have little car parking space

Follow Covid guidelines. Help to keep them safe and clean

Pick up after your dog and keep it under control at all times

Please take your litter home or leave it in the bins provided.

Keep to paths. Don't take vehicles onto the beach. Use the BBQ plates on the picnic tables instead of lighting fires.

Take responsibility for your own safety and enjoy your visit.

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Volunteer Your Time

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EHT is a Co-op community benefit group in 2021

By becoming a member you support community groups such as East Haven Together

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Working in


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East Haven Together works in partnership with many organisations and community groups who share our aims and priorities. We are very grateful for all the support we receive from everybody and also from those who support us financially with grants and donations.

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If you would like to contact us please

e-mail the Trustees or

message us through our Facebook Page


Photo: Ben Leng