Unseasonal weather

The unseasonal weather we have experienced during December and January has tricked the poor plants into believing that Spring is here already with daffodils almost ready to burst into flower. The grass is growing so quickly that we even contemplated getting the mower out this week. However, as we are warned that it will get colder over the next few days, Andy decided that our time would be better spent servicing the mowers instead. In addition, people have been out and about on Eric's croft reorganising the shed and the benches we use for village barbecues. In the meantime, we are planning our first formal beach clean of the year which will take place on 9th February at 10am unless the Beast from the East decides to make an appearance. It was certainly a late winter last year so maybe 2019 will be no different. 

Move Mountains in 2019

We were out and about early this morning and surprised to see people in the picnic area sitting on benches or on the beach watching the sun come up. Maybe this has happened in previous years and we just haven't seen it but it seems that people were enjoying the dawn of the new year and contemplating what 2019 might hold. No doubt media reporting will quickly get back to the Brexit debate and other depressing issues affecting the UK and wider world. Most of us are not in a position to influence  the outcome of such decisions but we can influence and exert some control over small everyday things. There is a saying that, ‘The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.’ Some would say that the people of East Haven have moved a mountain  over the last five years. It literally began by moving small stones and progressed to a point where we not only moved a mountain but climbed to the top of it.  Our charity moto has become, ‘Every Action Counts - Just Do It and Make the Difference’. So what difference will East Haven be making in 2019?  Will we be walking back down the mountain or holding on at the top? Following consultation with residents during late summer it seems that we will be gathering more small stones to strengthen and add to the base of the mountain. Our focus will be on sustainability and we have a number of projects and priorities to help strengthen the community further and protect the coastal environment. As we speak, East Haven only has 79 adult residents so we are hoping that 2019 will see new families move into the village and enjoy everything the community has to offer. We will use our 2019 Blog to keep you updated about the things we are doing to try and ‘Make a Difference’ in our little part of the world. From everybody at East Haven Together, we wish you a very happy new year and one in which you start to move your own mountains.