During lockdown residents worked in isolation or with one other person to develop and maintain all the various areas of community garden. The photos below highlight just how beautiful the gardens are in early July 2020. Colourful, thriving, supporting pollinators and bringing pleasure to many. 

East Haven in Bloom 2020

Some residents in East Haven have used their daily exercise allowance in the community garden (only one person each side) hoeing, weeding and mowing. Even those out for a walk are stopping to pull out weeds and do their bit to help maintain the gardens during lockdown. Gardening is good for mental and physical well-being at the best of times but especially during this period. It's wonderful to feel that not only are you exercising but also doing something worthwhile and with a tangible outcome. In many ways it is a much safer form of outdoor exercise than cycling or walking at the moment. The coastal path is so congested with walkers and cyclists that it is sometimes difficult to maintain a 2m distance. In contrast one can comofrtably maintain a 5m-10m distance whilst quietly exercising/working in the gardens. The big miss is the camaraderie which usually takes place and for now we are only able to wave or shout hello at neighbours, freinds and visitors. However, as we say in East Haven, 'Every Action Counts' and maintaining the  gardens brings everybody a bit of joy during this period. 

Britain in Bloom Gold Award and Best Coastal Village 2018

East Haven is celebrating after achieving Gold in the prestigious RHS Britain in Bloom awards, and the best coastal village award. Wendy Murray was also awarded an RHS community champion discretionary award. East Haven was one of five locations in Scotland to have been entered into the Britain in Bloom finals 2018. All five Scottish entrants achieved Gold with Aberdeen, Perth and Linlithgow also winning their category award. Why not follow the journey East Haven made as it prepared to represent Scotland. The RHS Bloom competition is based around the three pillar concept of Horticultural Achievement (HA), Community Participation (CP) and Environmental Responsibility (ER). East Haven Together has highlighted activities which were undertaken between November 2017 and October 2018 (East Haven's Bloom year) with a wee note about about how each activity fits into one of the three pillars.  



  • 01 October 2018

    Work starting on the Airedale Monument Foundation. Promoting awareness of our Heritage (ER)

  • 03 October 2018

    Repairing and reinstating the dunes. Looking after our natural heritage. (ER)

  • 06 October 2018

    One of our Trustees participating in an Active Citizens course to learn more about engaging the public in reducing plastic waste (ER).

  • 13 September

    Restoring the dunes with native grasses grown from seed. (HP and ER)

  • 14 September

    East Haven was invited to a reception in Edinburgh in recognition of our contribution to Capturing our Coast. (ER)

  • 16 September

    Great British Beach Clean and MCS survey (ER)

  • 01 September

    Maintaining Eric's bridge which residents built in 2014 out of recycled materials. (ER) Caring for our heritage

  • 09 September

    Participating in a Littoral Art project with artist Julia Barton. (ER & CP) Engaging with the public to raise awareness about marine plastics

  • 12 September

    Raking up grasses from the SSSI to stimulate growth of the Greater Yellow Rattle and wild-flower meadow. (ER &HP)

  • 28 August

    Special Cut of the SSSI to protect and promote growth of the Greater Yellow Rattle. An example of good Horticultural practice and protecting our natural heritage.

  • 31 August

    Taking children to visit the artist involved in our WW1 memorial project. Raising awareness about the role of Airedales in WW1 and our heritage

  • 31 August

    Children with their paintings to be displayed in the SEC Glasgow. Community Participation

  • 19 August

    Persuading people to cut back on single use plastic (ER: Reducing plastic waste)

  • 22 August

    A visit to our local Primary school to raise awareness about the WW1 project (CP and ER: involving young people in our heritage)

  • 27 August

    This plant hasn't been seen in East Haven for 18 Years! ER and HA: Uploading species finds to irecord

  • 5 August

    Britain in Bloom brochure on display at our Pop up Cafe (Community Participation)

  • 12 August

    Preparing the ground for our WW1 Monument (ER : Looking after and promoting our local heritage)

  • 16 August

    Planting native wild poppy plugs (Horticultural Practice)

  • 3 August

    The Britain in Bloom Judges arrive

  • 3 August

    Looking at resident's front facing gardens

  • 3 August

    Even Milo the cat got in on the act!

  • July - August

    East Haven's Britain in Bloom brochure has been distributed across Angus, Dundee and Fife to raise awareness about the Britain in Bloom competition

  • 24 July

    (ER) Bumble-Butterfly walk along our Sustrans transect. This White Tailed Bumblebee and Small Tortoiseshell love our Buddleia.

  • 25 July

    Courgettes from the Bothy garden (ER) Take what you need.

  • 21 July

    Carnoustie Golf Open (CP: East Haven Pop up Cafe and information display

  • 22 July

    Community Gardens (HA: watering, pruning, weeding, edging)

  • 23 July

    Dog bin dismantled cleaned and painted (ER: Make our bins attractive to increase use. Reduce dog fouling)

  • 14 July

    Village Picnic (CP: Music from our own band, 'Check the Pulse').

  • 15 July

    Public education and beach clean (ER: Improving environmental quality)

  • 15 July

    'Don't Let Go' campaign: (ER: Protecting wildlife and reducing marine plastic)

  • 07 July

    Frogs and Toads in and around our pond (ER: native aquatic plants and water for wildlife)

  • 09 July

    New planting at the bus stop (HA:ER Sustainable planting in one of our new self-made recycled planters)

  • 11 July

    New Litter Share Station (ER and CP: Now everybody can be involved!)

  • 03 July

    Building a new path behind the heritage point(ER: landscaping and enhancing the public area)

  • 03 July

    Very proud of the Heritage point and public area.

  • 05 July

    Celebratory lunch to unveil our new wood carving (ER and CP - Protecting heritage and local identity)

  • 29 June

    Community Petanque (CP: Friday evenings are Petanque evenings)

  • 30 June

    Developing a seating area on the coastal path (ER: Enhancing our heritage and key location on National Cycle Route 1)

  • 01 July

    Fish shaped shortbread biscuits at the East Haven pop up cafe. (CP: Happy to supply refreshments to all our visitors- donation or not)

  • 24 June

    Repotting of Lyme and Marram grasses which have been grown on from small cuttings (HA: Cultivation and sustainability)

  • 24 June

    Biosolids: (ER: Used as a slow release fertiliser in the gardens)

  • 28 June

    Welcome boat on traffic island (HA: Sustainable planting)

  • 10 June

    Pruning, thinning and deadheading in the Heritage bed. (Horticultural Practice. Cultivation and Maintenance of plants)

  • 12 June

    New sustainable planting in the recycled wood planters. (HA: Colour design and appropriate choice of plants)

  • 15 June

    Installing a new sculpture on National Cycle Route 1. (ER: A landmark recognising heritage and identity)

  • 10 June

    Encouraging people to
    ditch the plastic and
    refill at the Heritage
    Point. (ER:Resource Management, Reducing harm by encouraging less reliance on single use plastic)

  • 14 June

    New Planters made out of recycled wood. (ER: Resource Management. Recycling and reusing materials. Using less plastic)

  • 17 June

    Collecting recycled compost from Angus Council. (ER: Circular Economy using recycled garden waste).

  • 5 June

    Raising awareness about the Green Dog Walkers initiative (ER: Local environmental quality - reducing dog fouling)

  • 8 June

    Community BioBlitz (ER: Education-involvement of public and young people. protecting natural heritage)

  • 8 June

    Co-Coast Survey (ER:Involving young people in citizen science project)

  • 3 June

    Kidney Vetch Thriving along our trail. (HA:Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility)

  • 3 June

    Beautiful Iris in 'The Sisters garden. (HA: Impact)

  • 3 June

    Herbs in the Bothy garden. (HA: Residential and Community gardening. Take what you need and leave what you don't)

  • 1 June

    A poster designed by Woodlands Primary School. ER: Conservation and involving children and young people).

  • 1 June

    Launching Small Blue week, ER and CP (wide involvement of community groups and schools. Education and conservation).

  • 1 June

    A butterfly and moth hunt (ER and CP)

  • 27 May

    Welcome to the Airedale Terrier Club of Scotland

  • 28 May

    We will remember them

  • 31 May

    Preparing a site for our new Sculpture

  • 25 May

    Community-led Beach Award for East Haven.Environmental Responsibility

  • 21 May

    Clearing a path at the rear of the Heritage Point

  • 23 May

    Painting the Heritage Point

  • 08 May

    Hundreds of Begonia plugs still protected under fleece until 01 June. Horticultural Practice

  • 10 May

    WW1 Commemorative site dug out. Environmental Responsibility

  • 14 May

    Meeting with Elliot from Food and Farming commission about Brexit. Environmental Responsibility

  • 13 May 2018

    BumbleButterfly Walk. Sugar and water to resuscitate this Queen. Environmental Responsibility

  • Weekend 13 May 2018

    Work begins removing non-native invasive species from SSSI. Environmental Responsibility and Horticultural Achievement

  • May 2018

    Geranium plugs coming on well.Horticultural Practice

  • 12 May

    We collected 200kg of marine litter at Clean up Europe weekend. Environmental Responsibility

  • 12 May

    Pop up Cafe and fresh scones for all our volunteers. Community participation

  • 12 May

    Engaging with the public to raise awareness about littering of about littering of all types. Environmental Responsibility

  • 5th May

    Painting sheds in the Bothy. Cleaning the bus shelter
    Environmental Responsibility

  • 6th May

    Pop up Cafe
    Community Participation.

  • 6th May

    Litter picking behind the railway line
    Environmental Responsibility

  • 6th April

    Gifts for the seasonal farm workers from East Haven residents.Community Participation.

  • 8th April

    Butterfly ID Training provided by Sustrans through Butterfly Conservation and UKBMS.
    Community Participation.
    Environmental Responsibility

  • 8th April

    Refreshments provided for all our cyclists and walkers.Community Participation.

  • 5th April

    Thursday morning gardening drop in sessions resume.
    Horticultural Practice
    Community Participation.

  • 5th April

    Repairs and maintenance work starts on 'The Sisters'.
    Environmental Responsibility - Looking after our heritage and garden areas.

  • 28th March

    CatchmentTay ltd present East Haven Together with a new flag pole and biodegradable refuse sacks.
    Environmental responsibility

  • 22 March

    Early work on the beds in the main garden.
    Horticultural practice

  • 22 March

    Careful edging to maintain the wave beds. Weeding and hoeing. Horticultural practice

  • 21 March

    Edging and moving plants around the pond in the Bothy garden. Horticultural practice
    Environmental responsibility.

  • 13 March

    Children from Perth helped with our Big Beach Clean. Environmental Responsibility
    Community Participation

  • 13 March

    The children learned how to undertake a survey for the Marine Conservation Society

  • 13 March

    We created an art work together to raise awareness about cotton buds and small plastic items we found.

  • All year round

    Uploading wildlife records onto the national data-base irecord, every month of the year. Environmental Responsibility

  • 1 March

    A walk round the village to discuss gardening plans. Horticultural Practice

  • 10 March

    Spring Beach Clean. Environmental Responsibility,
    Community Participation

  • 14 March

    Learning and presenting at the Wildlife Recorders day in Perth.Environmental Responsibility
    Community Participation

  • 14 March

    Small Blue Meeting. Environmental Responsibility

  • 21 March

    East Haven presenting to a national resilience workshop, March. Community Participation.

  • 21 February

    Working with children at Woodlands Primary School to raise awareness about local wildlife. Environmental Responsibility
    Community Participation

  • 22 February

    Making our own cleaning agents. Environmental Responsibility
    Community Participation

  • 21 Feb & 14 March

    Anti-littering work with Woodlands Primary school. Environmental Responsibility
    Community Participation

  • 16 February

    Ground works at the Bothy. Horticultural Achievement

  • 26 February

    Training day in Aberdeen. Environmental Responsibility
    Community Participation
    Horticultural Achievement

  • February 2018

    Launch of Plastic Free Village campaign.
    Environmental Responsibility
    Community Participation

EHT Sustainability Strategy updated Feb 2018

Environmental Responsibility, Community Participation, Horticultural Achievement. United Nations Global Goals.

  • January 2018

    Environmental Responsibility
    Community Participation

  • Jan-March 2018

    Delivered seven presentations to other community groups. Community Participation

  • 13 November 2017

    Litter Summit.
    Environmental Responsibility
    Community Participation

  • November 2017

    Litter Prevention Action Plan. Environmental Responsibility
    Community Participation