24. Dec, 2018

Mary's Meals

We are delighted to report that over £800 was raised for the Mary's Meals charity this year.  East Haven resident John Keen, took on the onerous task of providing free juice and sweets to walkers and cyclists arriving from Carnoustie on National Cycle Route 1. The area at the head of the cycle path was further improved this year with funding from ForCarnoustie which enabled residents to install a seat and a recycling bin. We were particularly pleased  to be able to provide refreshments without the need for hundreds of single use plastic cups. Instead, compostable cups were purchased and people also encouraged to refill their own cups. John has done an amazing job which we know is highly valued by everybody visiting East Haven. Mary's Meals provides a meal to some of the world's poorest children in a place of learning. Christmas is often a time of  indulgence and the work of this charity reminds us that there is still an enormous amount of poverty in the world. Providing children with a meal in a place of learning helps to improve nutrition and increases the likelihood of children escaping poverty by acquiring an education. A simple idea but one which the public have strongly supported over the last year. Thank you all.