20. Sep, 2018

Dune Conservation

A few weeks ago we became aware that a large part of the dunes near the winches is eroding due to an increase in visitor numbers. Due to the severity of the problem we asked Angus Council Coastal Management team for an urgent on-site meeting to explore what action should be taken to prevent the problem getting any worse and to help the dune system recover.  As a result, we have agreed a number of immediate and longer term actions to help recovery and prevent further damage in the future. Firstly, we have fenced off the area of greatest concern and started to plant coastal grasses. Luckily, Stan Beattie had grown hundreds of Marram and Lyme grasses from seed earlier this year. Marram and Lyme grasses are the best coastal defence as they provide a strong structure to bind the dunes.  We have already planted around 300 grasses but intend planting a further 800 across two key areas of dune this autumn. Further plans and protection work will be cariied out over the next year as we raise funds to assist us in this important area of dune conservation.