9. Sep, 2018

Littoral Sci-Art Project

Artist Julia Barton visited East Haven today as part of an awareness raising intiative during Angus Coastal Festival. Julia has been working on a science-art project called Littoral Art. The idea developed a couple of years ago when she became aware of the extent of plastics which have infiltrated the marine system. It was a great learning experience for residents and visitors alike as Julia helped us to identify minute particles of plastic embedded in every part of our sand, dune and seaweed system. It was really shocking to see the amount of plastic that can be extracted from even a small area 1m square. Some of it is identifiable such as nylon fishing line (monofilament) and plastic cotton buds. Other items are much more difficult to spot such as nurdles which are tiny pellets of plastic. Billions are used every year to make nearly all our plastic products but many end up on beaches such as ours in East Haven. Julia also introduced us to plasticglomerates which are stones containing melted plastic. We were very shocked to find them on our beach and understand that they may have been created by people burning plastic bottles during BBQs. Why not take a look at Julia's web-site or Facebook page and find out more about how she will develop the project in 2019.