5. Aug, 2018

Britain in Bloom Judges

The big day finally arrived on Friday when Britain in Bloom judges, Richard Budge, David Jamieson and Dale Hector arrived to learn more about the work which has been undertaken in East Haven. Many people still believe that the Britain in Bloom competition is all about pretty flowers and perfectly manicured lawns. It’s certainly true that grass care and colourful flowers are part of it but the judges were keen to see that we are using native perennials to provide all year round colour and plants which are good for pollinators. Of equal importance, is environmental responsibility and the way in which we manage the SSSI, recycle rain water  and use recycled materials whenever we can. The judges were delighted to meet many people along the way, such as, representatives from the Airedale Terrier Club of Scotland, Woodlands Primary School and members of the community. What could have been a stressful day was quite the opposite as it turned out. Richard, David and Dale put everybody at their ease and made it a really enjoyable occasion which culminated with a community lunch at the Bothy.