15. Jul, 2018

'Don't Let Go' Campaign

What a fantastic response we have had to our ‘Don’t Let Go’ of balloons campaign which was initiated by the Marine Conservation Society in 2015. Many members of the public do not realise that releasing balloons causes incalculable damage to wildlife and the environment. Farm animals often mistake the balloons for food whilst many birds and marine animals become entangled in them, to say nothing of the increased risk of fire across moorland, woodland and coastal grasses, especially after the recent heatwave. In some high profile events over the last year, balloons have been released to commemorate deaths and tragic events, as well as weddings.  East Haven Together used today's beach clean  to raise awareness and help people to find more positive ways of remembering loved ones.  More about  alternatives to balloons can be found on the ACE web-site www.aceangus.co.uk