13. May, 2018

Beach Clean and MCS Survey

We were blessed with wall to wall sunshine yesterday when we held our 'Clean up Europe' beach clean. It is only 3 weeks since the beach was cleaned but a massive 200kg of plastic and other marine litter was lifted from the 100m survey stretch. This is really concerning as there does seem to be an increase in all kinds of plastic and fishing gear. We cleared 7 damaged creels and lots of fishing rope which incidentally, also contains plastic.  Graeme Dey our local MSP also attended so he could see at first hand the problems we are dealing with locally. Graeme has been working really hard to help understand why there is an increase in what is termed, ghost fishing gear which is very damaging to marine life. Once all the litter was collected we had the rather unpleasant job of sifting through it all to count items and upload the data to the Marine Conservation Society (MCS). MCS analyse the data and identify trends and the source of marine litter at locations across the UK. This adds to national and international evidence and knowledge about the state of our oceans. Volunteers were treated to hot drinks and fresh scones with jam and cream in thanks for all their efforts. We were also grateful to Sustrans for a supply of their 2 minute clean up bags which all participants received.