23. Feb, 2018

Multiple benefits of seaweed

Yesterday we were out in the early morning cutting a small supply of fresh dulce from the north facing rocks. We are fortunate to have an ambudance of dulce though we would have to remove about 6 tons before we begin to disturb the natural eco-balance. From time to time we therefore cut small amounts for personal use and yesterday was a good example of the many uses we find for seaweed in the Haen. Firstly we used some to make our own cleaning products, then cooked some and also made a small dulce flavoured drink. Having spent the morning hard at work some of us decided to relax and bathe in it whilst others kept going and dug the remainder into the garden. Dulce is heavily concentrated with minerals and other health giving properties and has multiple uses. Apparently, it has unique anti-ageing properties too so if we can find the right formula we might just be on to something!