8. Feb, 2018

The Dolphins are back!

What a thrill to see the dolphins return so early in the year. Yesterday we spotted a couple but today a pod of around 10 were seen jumping and cavorting in the waters not far from the shore. Our next job is to report our sightings on the Marine Life Angus web-site.  http://www.marinelifeangus.co.uk/submit-a-sighting/   Sharing any sightings helps us learn more about the whales and dolphins in our waters. A project called the Angus Cetacean Survey and Data Collection Project collects information about cetaceans (whales and dolphins) along the coast. The purpose of the project is to learn more about cetacean presence in Angus waters aiding future conservation. We will also upload our sightings to irecord the national wildlife recording data-base.