8. Jan, 2018

Starting the New Year as we mean to go on!

We have started the New Year in very much the same way as we ended it - immersed in all issues relating to litter. If we are not picking it up we are either talking, reading or writing about it. However, there could not be a better time to continue to raise public awareness about it's impact on society, the environment and wildlife. The news has been full of items about plastic and the race against time to clean up our oceans and prevent any more plastic from entering the human food chain. Even in East Haven, we are redoubling our efforts not just to clean up but to prevent littering at source.  For example, we are purchasing biodegradable cups for use at Mary's Meals corner and also providing a recycling on the go bin. However, we are hoping that more and more people will use their own reusable drinks containers. We have lots of other ideas too which will be highlighted when we publish our final report from the Litter Summit - watch this space!