Blog 2018

1. Jan, 2019

Thank you to everybody for all your support and ecnouragment in 2018. We have now started a new Blog page for 2019

24. Dec, 2018

We are delighted to report that over £800 was raised for the Mary's Meals charity this year.  East Haven resident John Keen, took on the onerous task of providing free juice and sweets to walkers and cyclists arriving from Carnoustie on National Cycle Route 1. The area at the head of the cycle path was further improved this year with funding from ForCarnoustie which enabled residents to install a seat and a recycling bin. We were particularly pleased  to be able to provide refreshments without the need for hundreds of single use plastic cups. Instead, compostable cups were purchased and people also encouraged to refill their own cups. John has done an amazing job which we know is highly valued by everybody visiting East Haven. Mary's Meals provides a meal to some of the world's poorest children in a place of learning. Christmas is often a time of  indulgence and the work of this charity reminds us that there is still an enormous amount of poverty in the world. Providing children with a meal in a place of learning helps to improve nutrition and increases the likelihood of children escaping poverty by acquiring an education. A simple idea but one which the public have strongly supported over the last year. Thank you all.

22. Dec, 2018

Some of you might be aware that the R&A have pledged £100,000 for sustainable community projects which create a lasting legacy in the Carnoustie area. Thinking above the priorities of your own group or charity to the needs of the wider population is something East Haven did in 2003 when a community benefit of £40,000 was made available from the former North of Scotland Water Authority (NOSWA). Following consultation, residents agreed that the £40,000 should be used in combination with other funds from Sustrans and the Local Authority to build a cycle path between Carnoustie and East Haven. The path created a legacy for the works which had been carried out at the Waste Water Treatment Plant and helped to secure the establishment of National Cycle Route 1 up the coast here in Angus.

When a call for large project plans was put out by the R&A,  East Haven Together (EHT) submitted an application to establish bike share stations to enable more people to access the outdoors, improve their health and well-being and enjoy the natural environment. We were delighted that our proposal was successful in reaching the second stage in the bid process. However, after much careful consideration, EHT decided to collaborate with the Carnoustie Community Development Trust (CCDT) and the Angus Cycle Hub to establish a bike library in Carnoustie. This is a different model of provision to that which EHT initially proposed. However, our reasons for doing so are;

  • The Library model is less expensive than the one proposed by EHT
  • All the revenue comes back into Angus
  • Local people will be given the opportunity to acquire new skills and training
  • The scheme recycles bikes to a high standard and therefore adds value to the circular economy by reducing waste 

Importantly, EHT is also of the view that by collaborating on a less expensive project that another project called 'Cycling without Age' might also be funded. We believe the two projects are complementary and that together they would provide a sustainable and wonderful legacy for Carnoustie following the Golf Open. EHT joined CCDT and the Angus Cycle Hub at Links House earlier this moth to deliver a presentation to the Panel who will decide which projects go to the R&A for a final decision to be made. We will have to wait until late January to find out whether the cycling projects have been put forward to the R&A but we keep our fingers crossed.

7. Dec, 2018

You could be forgiven for thinking that we have been taking a long rest since the Britiain in Bloom awards ceremony in October. However, life in the fast lane has continued at a pace and we have been really busy with many different projects over recent weeks. This week has been particulalry hectic with presentations, meetings and report writing. On Tuesday we were in Cumbernauld presenting at the National LEAMS conference and yesterday we were presenting at Tayside Biodiversity's 20th anniversary conference. The event was held at the lovely headquaters of Scottish Natural Heritage at Battleby, near Perth. We were able to tell delegates that our biodiversity and environmental work contributed significantly to East Haven being awarded Gold and best coastal village in 2018. The picture shows Anne and Wendy with East Haven's table display.

21. Oct, 2018

It is hard to put into words the feelings of all those involved in East Haven at their achievement in the RHS Britain in Bloom finals. Thrilled, amazed, stunned and proud are all words which have been used to describe the realisation that East Haven has won Gold and the best coastal village award. On Friday evening when five representatives travelled to a ceremony in Belfast, residents waited anxiously to hear the results as they were announced.  In addition to Gold and Best Coastal Village, Wendy, one of the East Haven volunteers was also awarded an RHS  community champion discretionary award. A party was held in the village on Saturday night to celebrate the enormous achievement and hard work which has led to this historic moment in the life of East Haven. 

East Haven’s achievement should give all communities hope that it is possible to make a difference to the place you live if there is sufficient willingness and community spirit amongst neighbours and friends. East Haven was the smallest coastal village in the category which included populations of up to 12,000. They were therefore  judged alongside Filey, Lytham St Annes, Fishguard & Goodwick, Hunstanton and St Clement on Jersey. With a population of only 79 adults and a handful of children, East Haven was competing against places with many more resources and volunteers. However, East Haven has a strong record of working with organisations and supporters across Angus and it really was an Angus wide effort which saw East Haven achieve such success

Of course this was not an overnight success. Many people have worked hard over a number of years to not only improve the environment but also to develop a sense of community. At the party last night, residents took time to remember people such as, Heather Gist, Hugh Scott, Steve and Eric Duncan, Moira Scott, and Dave Ramsay. Along with many others, these individuals all contributed to the life of the village and helped to make a difference. As we all agreed last night, every action, however small, counts and demonstrates that people make places.