Blog 2018

17. Jun, 2018

It was all go in East Haven on Friday morning with the long awaited arrival of a wooden sculpture depicting East Haven’s maritime heritage. Funded by Sustrans and carved by Iain Chalmers of Culbockie, the wood carving weighs more than one and a half tons. We were therefore very grateful for technical and mechanical  support from James Porter of East Scryne farm. James  lifted it off the transporter and gently manoeuvred it into position. It was a major operation but after weeks of preparation in readiness for it’s arrival it was a great relief to see the sculpture in it’s home at the head of the boat park. A formal celebration and cutting of the ribbon will take place on 5th July 2018 at 12 noon. 

9. Jun, 2018

We were blessed with the most spectacular weather for our community BioBlitz yesterday. Members of the public worked alongside wildlife experts to identify birds, butteflies bees and plant life. The photograph opposite shows Paul Brookes identifying moths which he had trapped during the night. All were released of course but it was wonderful to see these incredibly beautiful creatures at such close quaters. Paul has now identifed more than 130 different moth species in East Haven. After a fabulous BBQ lunch two groups went out to the beach to undertake a CoCoast survey. This involves applying methodology developed by the Marine Sciences Institute in Oban. A 100 square grid is used to identify species along a 30m transect. All data gathered during the day will be uploaded to national data bases including irecord. 

1. Jun, 2018

Today we met with children from  Woodlands Primary School to launch Small Blue week. In March we visited the primary school to deliver a presentation on this priority species which is in serious decline. It’s sole plant food is Kidney Vetch and last year the children helped plant this wild flower in East Haven. The children have been enthusiastic in their learning and have produced Small Blue bunting and Small Blue rocks to raise awareness about the UK’s smallest butterfly. 

30. May, 2018

East Haven Together is delighted to receive a beach award from Keep Scotland Beautiful for the third consecutive year. We are particularly proud of the fact that East Haven is the only place on mainland Scotland to achieve a community led award. Twice a year we attend the beach managers forum in Stirling where we join Local Authority managers and the senior scientist from SEPA to share good practice. We are assessed against 25 different criteria covering community, safety, access, environment, education, and information. In East Haven it really is a community effort and is about the whole amenity. As many of you are aware, we also collect beach litter every day and involve involve the wider community and school children in Marine Conservation surveys.  We are very grateful to CatchmentTayltd for the beautiful flag pole which is now installed on the heritage point enabling us to proudly fly our beach award  flag for the first time.

28. May, 2018

What a wonderful day we had on Sunday when we welcomed the Airedale Terrier Club of Scotland to East Haven for their annual barbecue. These amazing dogs served in WW1 and began their training in Panbride House and on the beachs of Carnoustie and East Haven. They will be commemorated by a large granite sculpture created by artist Bruce Walker which will be installed later this year. To raise awareness about this important project we have planted a bed of red poppies on the site which will bloom in late summer before the installation of the sculpture.