East Haven Defibrillator and VETS Handbook

Community Defibrillator Training

We are holding a Community Defibrillator Seminar in Newton Panbride Church Hall on 15 November at 7pm. The seminar to be delivered by the Community Heart Beat Trust is aimed at people of all ages and all abilities. Using the East Haven defibrillator in an emergency can only save a life. You can not cause any harm. Come along and build confidence in managing a cardiac arrest. www.easthaventogether@gmail.com

  • What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest 
  • 5 minutes to save a life’
  • Physiology of the heart’
  • How to recognise SCA
  • How to dial 999 :-
  • what to expect - questions you will be asked
  • How to do CPR and why
  • How to use your AED
  • Recovery position/turning a patient
  • Handover to the Paramedics
  • Governance and support programmes
  • Crowdfunding Campaign £1,845

  • Angus Community Grant Crowdfund Match £1,250

  • Awards for All Big Lottery £1,910

Angus Community Grant Crowdfund Match fund

We are delighted to find that an application to the Angus Community Grant Crowdfund Match Fund has been succesful. Following our succesful crowdfunding appeal when we raised  £1,845 the fund has now awarded a further grant  of £1,250. This means that we have raised a total of £3,005 leaving only £2000 before we achieve our target. Almost there!



Residents sought support to help fund a community defibrillator and Village Emergency Telephone System through a crowdfunding programme in March 2017. Over recent years, at least four residents have died of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and three of those died on the beach. Had a community defibrillator been available the outcome may have been very different. Although there are only 100 residents in East Haven, thousands of people pass through the village every year increasing the risk of somebody experiencing a SCA. 

Defibrillators are used when somebody has a sudden cardiac arrest and cardiac massage does not restart the heart. Survival rates after sudden cardiac arrest with CPR alone stand at around 5%. By using a defibrillator, the survival rate increases by up to 50%. Public access, community defibrillators are designed to be used by both trained and untrained people and ideally should be used within 5 minutes of the heart stopping. The Scottish Ambulance service aim to respond to up to 75% of cardiac arrests within 8 minutes but of course this may be too late to restart the heart. To make matters worse, in East Haven, paramedics experience delays as they try to locate areas within the village and access properties on the south side of the railway bridge. 

BT have agreed that East Haven Together can adopt the village phone box and convert it in to a public access community defibrillator point. A review has identified that not one single telephone call has been made from the box during the last twelve months. However, a phone will be retained in the box to make 999 emergency calls should it be required.

 See our video


Village Emergency Telephone System (VETS).

This is an additional service which will provide the village with a single telephone number to access help for an East Haven resident or visitor in an emergency. The idea is that a person dials 999 and then the VETS number.  The VETS number immediately rings out to ten designated people (good samaritans) in the village simultaneously. When one of the designated indivduals accepts the emergency call the nine other phones stop ringing. 

A third of all 999 calls are from lone rescuers, so getting help to them quickly is important. In East Haven, 22% of householders live alone so the VETS number will provide added support and reassurance. The responder could be asked to help in a number of ways. Anything from   directing ambulances to a property or fetching the defibrilator from the phone box. Alternatively, if the casualty is  on the beach or coastal path the responder will be able to advise emergency service staff. 

Over the years, paramedics have experienced repeated difficulties locating properties and casualties in East Haven. This has resulted in delays and paramedics running on foot to access propeties on occassions. The VETS number will enable residents to supoort each other in any kind of emergency and get help to indivduals quickly. 


What will all this cost?

The fund raising campaign in East Haven aims to raise £5,588.60 which will fund the cost of a defibrillator, emergency 999 phone and a Village Emergency Telephone System (VETS) for ten years. The Community Heart Beat Trust will provide all the above equipment and services through a Ten Year Managed Solution package. This means that insurances, training, counselling and all replacement parts are all included. Residents will check all the equipment on a weekly basis to ensure it is in good working order and the public will be able to access the defibrillator directly day or night.

Ten Year Managed Solution Package (exempt from VAT)

Defibrillator: CPAD-VP-G5S-02A cPAD G5S-02A Semi Automatic Defib + upgraded as required over ten year period Ten Year warranty        

Steel Sentry cabinet. Locked box with Key pad for open public access

Please support our appeal and give generously

Many thanks from everybody in East Haven