Capturing our Coast

We are really looking forward to welcoming Dr Hannah Grist from the Marine Sciences Institute (SAMS) to East Haven on Friday 28th July. Hannah is leading on Capturing our Coast (CoCoast) which is a national citizen science initiative aiming to survey rocky coastlines around the UK.

This training day includes an introduction to project, coastal ecology and the fascinating species on our shore in East Haven. We are really looking forward to welcoming Hannah and all our other participants for what we are sure will be an exciting and intersting day. 

Meet at the Bothy from 10am. Lunch and refreshments provided by East Haven Together.

Great Nurdle Hunt 3 June 2017

This year we decided to participate in the Great European Nurdle Hunt which was held from 3rd to 5th June 2017. Nurdles are small plastic pellets about the size of a lentil. Countless billions are used each year to make nearly all our plastic products but many end up washing up on our beaches. Spills usually take place when nurdles are handled or transported. This can happen at any step from the manufacturer through the distribution network to the plastic goods producer. Uncontained nurdles can find their way into our storm drains and are carried straight out to sea. In the sea they disperse quickly and widely and as a result can be found throughout the world. There is now major concern about nurdles as they are being eaten by birds and fish and have entered the food chain. Fortunately, we only found a handful during our hunt on 3 June but even one is too many. 

Clean up Europe Beach Clean

Weekend of 13th and 14th of May 2017 is Clean up Europe weekend. Why not join us in East Haven for a beach clean and do something to make a difference. We will survey a 100m stretch of beach too for Marine Conservation Scotland. All you need is a pair of strong shoes as all litter picking equipment is provided. Refreshments afterwards at the Bothy.

Location Details

Grid reference: 56.515781 -2.66568

East Haven is located on the east coast of Scotland between Arbroath and Carnoustie. Sustrans National Cycle Route 1 runs through the village and up the coast making it arguably, one of the most beautiful sections of the route. There is an hourly bus service Monday to Saturday (73A).

The beach at East Haven is popular with families and dog walkers. The sandy bay is surrounding by rocks providing a safe area for children to play amongst the rock pools during low tide. This is a rural beach with a diverse range of sealife and tidal seaweed. Although the beach is not a designated bathing area it is a popular area for children and adults to paddle in the bay during summer.

Water Quality

Water quality has not been tested. However, individuals and families have enjoyed beach/water activities in East Haven for decades and there have been no reported incidents of water related illness. That said, the guidance is always to avoid entering the water for a couple of days after excess rain and/or stormy weather. 

Residents and friends of East Haven manage their own beach. If you have any comments or concerns please contact us via our website or Facebook page. Alternatively, contact Angus Council via the Access Line.

Beach Cleans

We everybody to pick up litter whenever and wherever they see it.  Please also collect at least one item from  the beach every time you are out walking.  Anybody who would like to keep a litter picker and hoop at home to make this easier please let Wendy know.


Formal beach cleans and marine surveys are as below.  Everybody is welcome to join us even if it is just for 15 minutes.  Please dress appropriately for the weather and wear a pair of strong shoes. All participants should check in and check out with the lead organiser at the Heritage Point.  Gloves and litter picking equipment is  provided.


All Welcome



DATE 2017



Clean up Europe

Beach Clean


13  May


Heritage Point


Beach Clean and Litter Pick up


22  July


Heritage Point

Big Beach Clean

16 Sept


Meet at Heritage Point



Marine Conservation Society

We carry out marine litter surveys over a 100m stretch of beach for the Marine Conservation Society to help identify what type of litter is being washed up in East Haven and monitor trends. 

East Haven's 100 metre survey area

Runs from the burn on the right of the picnic area to the boat launching area near the winches.