1. Nov, 2017

Angus Litter Summit

The public of Angus are holding the first community led litter summit in Scotland on 13th November 2017.  The event is to be held at Dundee and Angus College in Arbroath and will provide a powerful voice for members of the public involved in clean up initiatives throughout the county. As members of the public we want everybody to take great pride in where they live and realise that Local Authorities are not singularly responsible for preventing littering or for cleaning up. It is a responsibility that starts with individuals and is shared across businesses, landowners, public bodies, schools and other organisations. Funding from LEADER has allowed us to bring all these groups together along with politicians, Zero Waste Scotland and the Local Authority. The Summit is an example of community empowerment in action and aims to involve the public in a meaningful way to prevent littering in a more strategic and coordinated manner. 

If you require more information about the summit please contact us by e-mail on easthaventogether@gmail.com