22. Jul, 2017

Summer Beach Clean

Nine volunteers took part in our Summer beach clean this morning including Elaine from Fife and John and Lisa from Montrose. Whilst we managed to remove lots of mixed plastics and general items it was fishing net and wire which comprised the largest component of marine litter today. Amongst all of this we found lots of jellyfish along the shoreline which is bad news for the dogs but great news for the leatherback Turtle. Leatherback turtles love Jellyfish and eat hundreds of them. Whilst we have not seen a turtle in East Haven they are around in local waters and one was washed up in St Cyrus last year. Weighing up to a tonne and measuring almost 3 metres in length August is the peak time to see leatherback turtles in UK waters. They arrive from their nesting grounds in the Caribbean to refuel on our abundant seasonal jellyfish blooms. Removing plastics and netting from our seas and beaches protects wildlife and you never know, this might be the year to spot one swimming in the sea around East Haven!