20. Jul, 2017

Rescuing Hedgehogs

We found a baby hedgehog wandering about on Wednesday afternoon (Photo on home page). Not a good sign as they are nocturnal creatures and if you see one during the day it is likely to be in trouble. A few hours later it was lying curled up near the road at risk from cars and other predators.  We therefore made up a box and left it overnight with some water and meat based cat food. We were thrilled when we found that it had survived the night and eaten some of the cat meat. However, when we weighed it we found that it was only 123g and the Hedgehog Rescue Centre in Wormit felt that we should bring her in. However, we left with far more than we arrived  as we agreed to bring back two large hedgehogs for  rehabilitation back into the wild. Both these hedghogs are were brought to the Centre as babies, one from Brechin and the other from Blairgowrie. They have never had to forage for themselves so we will provide some feeding support for a while until we are confident that they are able to fend for themselves. As you can see from the photo they are big healthy females one of which has been named Mina due to her digging activities so we just need to think of a name for the other