30. Jun, 2017

Judges Visit

Today we welcomed Beautiful Scotland judges to East Haven for a training event. All the judges are volunteers and many of them have a background in horticulture and/or a strong interest in envionmental issues and gardens. Every year Keep Scotland Beautiful provides a training day before they commence their judging visits across Scotlands towns, villages and cities. East Haven first entered the competition in 2014 and it's fair to say that we were very nervous about our first judges visit when to our surprise, we achieved SilverGilt and the VisitScotland Tourism award. However, we quickly realised, that the judges are not just there to assign an award but to provide support and encouragement to participants.

It was a real pleasure to host the event in East Haven and share our experience of using Beautiful Scotland's three pillar framework which has helped drive forward improvments in the village. The Beautiful Scotland competition has changed a lot over the years and the focus is as much about how communities work together and consider their whole environment as it is about plants and flowers. We have certainly benefited so much from our involvment and would highly recommend Beautiful Scotland to all communities who want to make improvements to their environment.