23. Jun, 2017

HMS Peewit

We were met with a surreal sight yesterday morning when three small planes were seen parked up in one of the fields north of East Haven. They were on East Scryne farmland, adjacent to what was the old Royal Navy Air Station at Hatton. When we held our East Haven 800 exhibition in 2014 we managed to obtain some really interesting information about the old airfield which was named HMS Peewit to avoid confusion with another airfield named Hatten. HMS Peewit played an important role during the second World War but was decommissioned in 1945 at the end of the war. The only reminder of this important place is a few of the hangers which can still be seen at Hatton. Whilst the presence of aircraft in the field raised hopes of improved public transport links yesterday residents would actually settle for a seven day bus service in the village!