22. Jun, 2017

Cobra Meeting

A cobra meeting was held in the Bothy this morning in response to the shock announcement that one of our key gardeners is going to be incapacitated for a few weeks to allow for foot surgery. We didn't include unscheduled hospital appointments in our plans for the Keep Scotland Beautiful judges day on 30th June! However, at this stage in proceedings it is important that the foot surgery takes priority so a new 'things to do list' has been drawn up and people have pulled together to make sure everything is complete before the big event a week on Friday. The first job to be done this morning was to remove a lamp post of all things from the community gardens. We have salvaged it following recent works in the village square as we may need it at some point in the future. It took four strong men to move it as the base was filled with concrete. Anyway, that done we now have a small area to returf and some edging work to be done during the next week. On the seaward side of the village we still have the bridge and some of the railings to paint so it will be all go. Just need to find a wheelchair now for our incapacitated member who will hopefully be well enough to join us for the event.