12. Jun, 2017

Barry Buddon Wildlife event

On Sunday, a few of us took advantage of the once a year opportunity to visit the unspoiled landscape of Barry Buddon and observe wildlife. We joined other interested indivduals to gaze in amazement at wild orchids and other rare plants which thrive happily in the relative peace  of the army training grounds. It is a haven for butterflies, moths and other pollinators and a home for the Small Blue as it's sole food plant, Kideny Vetch grows naturally here. In the afternoon, David Lampard was able to take us to areas where the Small Blue butterfly could be seen. The Small Blue is the UK's smallest butterfly and is in decline so it was good to see it living happily amongst the Kideny Vetch here. The photograph opposite was taken by David Lampard and if you look carefully, you will see 'Small Blue' eggs nestling amongst the flower. What a privilege to see this.