23. May, 2017

Moth Man!

Just as the light was fading on Sunday evening 'Moth Man' alias Paul Brooks and his brother appeared in the Ha'en. Moth traps were quickly set up in the Bothy and the boat park casting bright lights to attract these beautiful pollinators. Unbelievably, a total of 

40 moth species were found when the moth traps were emptied at first light. Of those, 32 moths were macros and 8 micros. Only five moth species were already on the recording list from last year bringing the total individual species at East Haven into the mid-90s. 

Among the moths found, Sand Dart was probably the most interesting. It is very scarce and local and is only found on the coast. Also found were Marbled Coronet, which raises hopes that there must be Sea Campion and possibly Pale Prominent, Spectacle and 20-plume Moth. Almost as soon as the moths had been returned back to the night Moth Man also disappeared. However, we hope to see him back in the Ha'en during the summer.