12. Mar, 2017

Wildlife Recorders

Yesterday, a couple of us attended the 10th Tayside Recorders Day. A few years ago I wouldn't have known what a Recorder was. However, I now understand that it is somebody who records wildlife and submits records to help scientific research and understanding about species. In the past I may have also commented that this sounds to be a rather academic and boring activity. Not the case now though. I am completely in awe of these amazing individuals  who spend hours observing plants, birds, mammals, bees, insects and submitting scientific records. These records tell us so much about the world around us. What is changing and what this means for the future of various species. As many of you know, we held a BioBlitz in East Haven last year so we worked alongside Recorders and contributed to the creation of records about wildlife in East Haven. We have been amazed to learn that ordinary people like ourselves with no scientific background can become Citizen Scientists and contribute to the body of knowledge about different species. If you have any interest at all in the environment we would recommend you get  involved. Even participating in activities such as the Big Garden BirdWatch, or the Butterfly Count in July is a good way to start. We have also become members of various wildlife groups which enables us to keep in touch with what is going on locally and learn from local experts.