Blog 2017

23. May, 2017

Just as the light was fading on Sunday evening 'Moth Man' alias Paul Brooks and his brother appeared in the Ha'en. Moth traps were quickly set up in the Bothy and the boat park casting bright lights to attract these beautiful pollinators. Unbelievably, a total of 

40 moth species were found when the moth traps were emptied at first light. Of those, 32 moths were macros and 8 micros. Only five moth species were already on the recording list from last year bringing the total individual species at East Haven into the mid-90s. 

Among the moths found, Sand Dart was probably the most interesting. It is very scarce and local and is only found on the coast. Also found were Marbled Coronet, which raises hopes that there must be Sea Campion and possibly Pale Prominent, Spectacle and 20-plume Moth. Almost as soon as the moths had been returned back to the night Moth Man also disappeared. However, we hope to see him back in the Ha'en during the summer.



17. May, 2017

We have just enjoyed an amazing couple of days forging links and friendships with visitors from the Cowal Peninsula on a Community Learning Exchange. Interested in learning more about how communities on the Angus Coast have achieved gold awards in the Beautiful Scotland competition residents from Blairmore, Innellan and Kilmun arrived for a two day visit on Tuesday. Yesterday was spent in East Haven meeting members of the community and learning more about how we used the Beautiful Scotland Three Pillar concept to focus our activities and improvements. In the evening a welcome dinner was held when we also enjoyed a presentation about Blairmore and the achievements made by Blairmore Village Trust. The sun was shining this morning as we looked at work undertaken by Colourful Carnoustie and Food is Free. We were delighted that Juliette Camburn from Keep Scotland Beautiful was also able to join us for the two day event. Juliette delivered a presentation which provided more information about the competition and the history of the Beautiful Scotland campaign. It was an action packed couple of days with lots of learning and sharing of information. Friendships have been formed and a strong bond between our East and West coast villages which we hope to continue to strengthen in the future. 

13. May, 2017

Isn't it just typical, we don't have any rain for weeks and then the heaven's open just before we are about to start our beach clean! However, not to be thwarted, seven of us set out to clean and survey our 100 metre stretch for MCS before going on to clean a wider area. We shouldn't really moan about the rain as we have been enjoying glorious weather over recent weeks so it is badly needed. A sign of just how dry it is was evidenced by the presence of  deer in the car park and on the beach this morning. Deer only usually come down to the beach when it is very dry inland and it is some years since I have seen them in East Haven. Anyway, we have done our bit to 'Clean up Europe' and we will now submit our findings to MCS.  

9. May, 2017

It was East Haven to the rescue last week when Dundee Sailing Club needed help to recover their safety boat from the rough sea in East Haven. The boat was pulled ashore by our part time fisherman Craig Lyall with the tractor and left on the dunes overnight until the wind settled. Members of Carnoustie and Dundee sailing club arrived in a small flotilla of boats for a barbecue in East Haven but were caught out by the strong easterly winds. It's not the first time that East Haven fishermen have had to rescue boats as conditions can change very quickly in the area. Maybe we should put in a bid for our own life boat station!

4. May, 2017

Today we met at the Carnoustie Golf Hotel to join Craig Boath, Catherine Lloyd and Kelly Ann Dempsey to decide on a winner of the Small Blue competition. You might remember that we made a presentation to the children a few weeks ago about this small rare butterfly. Since then, the children have been working hard designing both a logo and a poster to launch Scotland's first Small Blue week. Their designs are truly inspirational and it was very hard to select a winner. However, after much deliberation we did make a decision and the winner will be announced before the end of May. We look forward to welcoming the children down to East Haven on Friday 26 May to launch Small Blue week.