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  • November 2016

    Mylo looking happy and confident in the gardens

  • Mylo the Hunter

    Back out in the community garden hunting for mice!

Mylo our lovely village cat

We were all really upset to learn that our lovely villlage cat Mylo had been badly injured in a road accident on 6th September 2016. Mylo is 7 years old and when I say he is the village cat he owns the village really. He was looked after first by Lynzi and now by Helen. Many of you have met him as he likes to welcome all our visitors and show people round the gardens.

We eventually tracked down the caring couple who found Mylo lying injured in the long grass at the side of the coastal path between Carnoustie and East Haven. One of them flagged down a cyclist and borrowed his bike so he could cycle home to Ceaser Avenue to collect his car. He then transported Mylo to Wallace Vets where he was assessed. Sadly, Mylo was found to have such a badly injured right leg that it required amputation. Mylo also lost a tooth and suffered two broken ribs. However, due to the expert care and attention he received from Wallace Vets he recovered enough to be brought back to East Haven for ongoing care and rehabilitation.

We are very grateful for the support and good wishes from residents and friends. Mylo is quite a character and we really hope his lovely outgoing personality will help him to adapt to his new situtation.  We will keep a little diary on this page so you can follow his progress.


5th October 2016 - Feeling Better at last!

After a difficult few weeks Mylo is beginning to make real progress at last. His wound has healed and he is now showing signs of adapting to his disability. He is jumping on and off the walls in the community garden and enjoying lying out in the sun. He is still a bit nervous and prefers to know that one of us is watching out for him but he is growing in confidence.  

Day 12

Poor Mylo - he has an infection in his wound site so he has been ordered back indoors for a few days. He really is a bit fed up with himself but we need to make sure he takes his antibiotics and the get his wound clean again. He has even turned his nose up at the clockwork mouse which was bought to try and keep him amused. He looks at us with a very superior look as if to say "I may have lost a leg but I'm not daft, I know a toy mouse when I see one!" 

Day 10 - Out to the garden at last!

Mylo is not very impressed with the lead having never been subject to such a restriction before. However, he was thrilled to get out for the first time on Tuesday though he was very unsteady and unsure of himself. It was an emotional moment for everybody seeing Mylo in the garden again and we are hoping that as his balance improves he might even be able to get out on his own for short periods. 

Day 7

Mylo is wanting to spend more and more time out of the crate.  Although he has been asked not to do any climbing he insists on getting up on to the surface to look out of the window. He is very unsteady and hasn't manage to adapt to the changes in his balance so he keeps falling over. However, his sitting balance is improving and here he is looking out at the gardens wistfully. 

Back home to the Ha'en - Day 5

It's quite upsetting to see how fraill Mylo looks. He  has lost quite a lot of weight and is struggling to eat. The Vet suggested  keeping him in a large dog crate most of the time to protect the wound in his amputated leg area. He appears to be comfortable but very weak.