East Haven Celebrating 50 years of Beautiful Scotland 2016

Celebrating 50 years of Beautiful Scotland

Horticultural Achievement Clematis Montana rubens

Armeria (thrift/sea pink) and Cytisus Praecox Albus

Cersium Atropurpurium and Verbascum chiaxii ‘Album’

Cycle wheels and planting in the colours of the Beautiful Scotland logo, blue, purple, gold and green

Beautiful spring daffodils

Sambucus nigra ‘Thundercloud’

Perovskia atriplicifolia ‘Blue Spire’ and Potentilla fruticosa ’McKays White’

Lambs Ears or Lambs Lugs as we prefer to call them in the Ha'en. Stachys byzantina

Geranium Red Admiral and lovely climbers such as honeysuckle and Rambling Rose Seagull

Our new Herbaceous bed at the Bothy

Our lovely Hybrid Tea Rose, Commonwealth Glory

Red Campion and Poppies on the SSSI

Celebrating 50 years of Beautiful Scotland and our cycling heritage on national cycle route 1

Resident's gardens.

Community Participation

We were joined by tourists as well as locals for our Let's Cook and Taste sessions.

We entered into a Community Partnership with Angus Council to clean and manage our public toilets

We hung our own paintings on the walls and renamed it the Wee Gallery at the Heritage Point!

Supporting local food producers

We sold our own herbs

We were ready for a bit of Yoga at the beach

The residents wanted a Community Petanque course. Thanks to Landmarc services and DJ Laing for all their support

Peacock Butterfly on our Buddleja weyeriana ‘Golden Glow’

A warm welcome at the head of the cycle path with free refreshments between April and September. Over £800 in donations has been raised for Mary's Meals

We have welcomed thousands of visitors over the summer

Restaining the bridge we built in 2014

We have participated in training to learn more about different species and habitats

We went on training to learn how to identify the Small Blue butterfly

We planted Kidney Vetch at various locations. The sole food of the Small Blue

Children on the Kidney Vetch trail

Wild flowers at the Bothy

Stephanie Wilkie, created a photographic collection of East Haven birds over the winter

Catchment Tay Ltd supply us with biosolids a sustainable slow release fertiliser

Reduce reuse and recycle wherever possible and do nothing to harm the environment

We have grown our own herbs, fruit and vegetables. People help themselves to what they need.

Eryngium zabelii Bourgatii ‘Picos Blue’ We carry out a Bee survey every month and submit our findings to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Red Hot Pokers, Kniphofia uvaria Noblis

East Haven is the only known place in Scotland where the Greater Yellow Rattle grows naturally

Thanks to Angus Environmental Trust we now have a walking scythe to cut the SSSI to help conserve the Greater Yellow Rattle

Thanks also to Catchment Tay Ltd for the hay rakes to lift the cut grasses

Poppies and Santolina

We held a large Community BioBlitz to inform future conservation and land management

Thank you to everybody including visitors and supporters who played a part in helping East Haven achieve Gold again in this the 50th year of the Beautiful Scotland Awards. We were also presented with the trophy for Best Coastal Village and the Garden for Life Biodiversity Award.  East Haven has fully embraced the Beautiful Scotland Three Pillars of Horticultural Achievement, Community Partcipation and Environmental Responsibility. This slide show highlights some of the work undertaken in each pillar over the last year. You can also see more about East Haven on Beechgrove Garden to be broadcast Thursday 22nd September at 19:30 BBC2 or Sunday 25th September at 09:40am BBC2 in England.