Birds of East Haven

East Haven Coastal Birds - A photographic record 2015/16

Stephanie Wilkie, wildlife photographer has spent much of her spare time on our wild rural beach taking these stunning photographs of coastal birds. We are very grateful to Steph for sharing her work with us and providing a photographic record of our precious wildlife. With over 120 different types of bird recorded here in recent years, East Haven is truly a haven for wildlife.If you want to identify the name of a bird, stop the slide show and click on the photographs below. (copyright Stephanie Wilkie)

Wildlife Photographer - Stephanie Wilkie

In 2008 I bought my first DSLR, initially to record pictures of birds so that I could identify them later. To improve my photography I joined the Dundee Photographic society which provided great encouragement and learning from guest speakers and members. Soon I was photographing birds not for record or identification but for the joy of observing their world and capturing moments from it. This has been my main hobby\obsession ever since. I was introduced to East Haven beach by a birding friend some years ago, and it became a place to visit at key times of the year. Latterly, I have visited very frequently as I decided to build up a panel of images showing the various bird species and habitat of this special place.