Mini BioBlitz

We are holding a mini BioBlitz on 3 June from 10am - 2pm. Although not on the scale of our Big BioBlitz in 2016 this is an opportunity to learn more about plants, bees, butterflies and birds. We will also start our East Haven Tree survey. 

Why not bring the children along to see our learning garden and take part in our Biodiversity quiz? Follow the Kidney Vetch Trail and see if you can spot the Small Blue. Refreshments will be provided at the Bothy. Everybody welcome.

East Haven BioBlitz Report

Full report of the BioBlitz which took place on 26th and 27th August 2016 and biodiversity action plan

Citizen Science Awards for Woodlands Primary School

We have presented the children of Woodlands Primary School with Citizen Science badges in recognition of their hard work and contribution to the East Haven BioBlitz.  In addition to all the amazing Eco work achieved in school, Primary 5 learned about leatherback turtles, dolphins and all kind of sea creatures. At the school assembly on Tuesday the children performed more of their wonderful songs and told us how much they had enjoyed participating in the Bioblitz. We certainly benefited from the enthusiasm, knowledge and interest the children brought to our big event and the launch of the Tayside Biodiversity Action Plan. The new ten year action plan is now in place until these children are 18 years old so it is important that they are involved and aware. We hope by involving children early in understanding more about their environment and the need to protect it that they will remain involved in the future.

East Haven, Community BioBlitz

The East Haven BioBlitz held on 26 to 27 August 2016 was a great success. The exciting event brought together, scientists, experts and other interested bodies to work alongside the community and other members of the public to identify as many species of animals, insects, plants and marine life as possible over 2 days. Records relating to hundreds of species were uploaded to irecord. The BioBlitz was a partnership event between, East Haven Together, Tayside Biodiversity Partnership and  Scottish Natural Heritage.  The new Tayside Biodiversity Action Plan, 2016 -2026 was launched at the event which saw children from Woodlands Primary School perform songs, poetry and art work. The children were the stars of the show and had even written their own Eco Rap!  The event was supported by a generous grant from the Angus Environmental Trust through the Scottish Landfill Communities fund. 


Programme of main events

East Haven BioBlitz Programme

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Tayside Local Biodiversity Action Plan 2016 -2026 - Every Action Counts!

We were really proud that the new Tayside Local Biodiversity Action Plan 2016 -2026 was launched at the East Haven BioBlitz. This new plan sets out the actions that we all have to take if we are to protect our natural environment for future generations. We in East Haven believe that every action no matter how small counts towards achieving Scotland's Biodiversity outcomes.  


By 2030 Tayside will have a fully functioning ecosystem network "from summit to sand" - reaching from the Angus Glens and Highland Perthshire to the Tay Estuary, the Angus coast and beyond to the marine environment. Visitors and residents alike will be able to learn about the area's rich biodiversity and will be keen to protect and enhance it. Both the rural and urban environment will be delivering benefits essential for everyone, from helping to reduce flooding, assisting species to adapt to climate change, and ensuring there is no further loss of biodiversity.




Why a BioBlitz in East Haven?

East Haven has it's own sustainability strategy which links directly to the 2020 challenge for Scotland's Biodiversity. The BioBlitz will inform future conservation practice and land management.

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Refreshments available

  • Priority Species - Greater Yellow Rattle (Rhinanthus anguvstifolia)

    We make special cuts of the bent grasses along the SSSI to conserve the Greater Yellow Rattle. East Haven is the only known place in Scotland where the Greater Yellow Rattle grows naturally

  • Priority Species - Bumblebees (Bombus app)

    We have undertaken a bee walk every month to identify and record Bumblebees. We are part of the Beautiful Scotland Bee Diverse campaign and have been planting to attract pollinators.

  • Priority Species - Hedgehogs (Erinaceus europeus)

    We have hedgehog boxes in our community gardens and we are creating several wildlife corridors to try and increase the number of hedgehogs in East Haven.

  • Priority Species - Small Blue Butterfly (Cupido minibus)

    We are working with the Butterfly conservation society and Tayside Biodiversity partnership to conserve and protect the Small Blue.

  • Priority Species - Common Seal (Phoca vitulina)

    We work to protect seals we find on our beach.

  • Priority Species - Red Campion (Silene dioica)

    We protect all our wild flowers and only plant from locally sourced seeds from indigenous wildflowers

  • Priority Species - Shelduck (Cadorna tadorna)

    Photographed in East Haven in 2015/16 by Steph Wilkie Wildlife photographer

  • Priority Species - Short eared owl (Asio flames)

    Photographed in East Haven in 2015/16 by Steph Wilkie Wildlife photographer

  • Priority Species - Pink-footed goose (Ancer brachyrhynchus)

    Photographed in East Haven in 2015/16 by Steph Wilkie Wildlife photographer

We have planting Kidney Vetch in a number of locations to conserve the Small Blue

  • The OPAL Pollination survey
    12:30-1:30 (meet at the OPAL table)
    Have you ever wondered how good your local area is for pollinators? Well come along to this workshop to take part in a national survey of pollinator habitats and the pollinators themselves. Search for nectar rich flowers such as clover, marjoram and willowherb, keep an eye out for beetles, bees and hoverflies and learn to identify some VIPs (Very Important Pollinators) like the Red-tailed bumblebee, six-spot burnet moth and red soldier beetle. For nature enthusiasts and families alike, our Community Scientist Jo Dempster will be on hand to guide you through the survey.

    OPAL will also be around from 9am-3pm to give information in how to get involved with our other environmental surveys. discover what pollinators do for us and pick up some survey packs. To find out more visit follow us on twitter @OPALnature #OPALScotland

  • Bird ringing is ornithological research fieldwork aimed at providing high quality data to help understand and promote the conservation of birds and their habitats.

East Haven BioBlitz site divided into 8 environmental zones