East Haven Together is a Scottish Incorporated Charitable Organisation (SCIO) SCO45824 which was established on 23rd July 2015. It replaces East Haven Residents' Association as a new inclusive organisation which more closely represents the aims and aspirations of the community.

Charity Trustees:

Wendy Murray; Lead Trustee

Dareena Scott;  Treasurer  

Nicola Keen

Karen Andrew

Christina Lyall

Ian Bancroft

East Haven Together is a Member of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO)

Membership is open to all those who share our charitable aims as detailed below. Please contact us via this web-site if you would like to join and we will send out an application form. A copy of our constitution is available on the web-site. A copy of the accounts will be available on application after April 2016.

East Haven Together - our charitable aims

  • Protect and promote the heritage of East Haven
  • Protect the natural heritage of East Haven
  • Protect and enhance the natural environment of East Haven
  • Promote the needs and interests of East Haven and it’s residents
  • Develop and maintain a sustainable community
  • Protect wild life

East Haven Together Sustainability Strategy (v.March 2017)

Our charitable aims are embedded in our sustainability strategy which links directly to national strategies and outcomes.


East Haven Together Data Protection Statement

East Haven Together Communication strategy

East Haven Together Web-site Privacy Policy

Why a new charity in 2015?

‘Looking to the Future’ was the theme of East Haven Residents' AGM in April 2015 as they considered whether or not the Association should apply to become a Scottish Charity Incorporated Organisation (SCIO). Many residents were of the view that both the legal form of the organisation and the name, 'Residents’ Association' was outdated and no longer reflected the aims and aspirations of the community. 

The Association was set up in 1996 when East Haven was unsuccessful in a bid to establish it's own Community Council to look after the needs and interests of the village and it’s people. It operated in a collaborative manner and different residents assumed lead roles from time to time to progress various issues and projects. The Association served the community well over 19 plus years and during it's octocentenary year saw East Haven extend its boundaries beyond the geographical community to embrace a much larger community.

There are many people who don’t live in East Haven but for a variety of reasons feel a close connection and who have invested something of themselves in the community. Residents therefore elected to dissolve the Residents' Association on succesful application to become a SCIO. Consultation took place about a new name for the organisation, a constitution and charitable aims. It was decided to integrate our new charitable aims into East Haven's sustainability strategy and a vote took place about the new name; East Haven Together.