Why not join us at our AGM on Friday 6th April in Newton/Panbride Church hall at 7pm. We will deliver a presentation highlighting all our new initiatives and projects for 2018. 

Minute Trustees Meeting 11th Dec 2017

Major Fund Raising Initiative Launched

Residents are asking for support to help fund a community defibrillator and Village Emergency Telephone System. Over the past 30 years at least four residents have died of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and three of those died on the beach. Had a community defibrillator been available the outcome may have been very different. Although there are only 100 residents in East Haven, thousands of people pass through the village every year increasing the risk of somebody experiencing a SCA. If you would like to help please visit our crowdfunder page and make a donation.


Ha'en Matters Spring 2017

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East Haven's Journey to Gold

An article from the Caledonian Gardener magazine 2017
Journal of the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society (The Caley)

January 2017

Report of the East Haven BioBlitz held in August 2016 and a Biodiversity Action Plan for 2017

A Defibrillator for East Haven?

It has been suggested that we raise funds to purchase a defibrillator in East Haven. Read our background paper and tell us what you think.

Consultation 30th Nov 2016

We are just beginning a process of consultation and this first document provides feedback from people about a number of garden and heritage issues. Please let us know if you have anything to add.

Meetings and More Meetings (11 Nov 2016)

Far from sitting back and relaxing when the all the outdoor activities have finished work gears up a level over autumn and winter in terms of reviewing, planning and catching up with all the paperwork. Here is a little summary of some of our recent activities

October : It's Your Neighbourhood Seminar - Beautiful Scotland

November : Meeting with Alec Edward - Colourful Carnoustie

November: Meeting to discuss Seaweed and organise exploration day

October - November : Preparing our accounts and annual report for OSCR

November: Meeting with Heritage and Garden Group - lunch and ideas afternoon

Ha'en Matters - Summer 2016


The first AGM of East Haven Together was held on Tuesday 26th April 2016 at 7pm in the Station Hotel Carnoustie. The minutes of this meeting are avilable on the meetings page of this web-site.

Two New Trustees

We are delighted to welcome two new Trustees on to the Board of our charity 'East Haven Together'. Sandie Wright and Ian Bancroft are well known to residents and members having lived in East Haven for many years. Sandie has a great interest in all issues environmental and has been instrumental in taking forward our sustainability strategy. Ian Bancroft has led on several major planning projects and advises on all our technical issues and contact with utilities. This now brings the total number of Trustees up to five. Further information about the charity can be found on our dedicated pages on this web-site.

Carnoustie Community Council

East Haven resident, Alasdair Murray, has been appointed to Carnoustie Community Council following the recent elections. It is a number of years since an East Haven resident has served on the Council due to the shift in ward boundaries which saw East Haven moved into Arbroath West and Letham. Instead, we have attended meetings periodically and provided updates on activities in the village.  However, as the Boundaries Commission has confirmed that the village will move back into the Carnoustie ward in May 2017 we are delighted that Alasdair has stepped forward on behalf of East Haven. Alasdair has agreeed to take up the role of Planning Contact on the Council and attended his first meeting at the end of October 2015.

Spotlight on East Haven

The Communities Channel Scotland has highlighted the work of East Haven Together on it's web site. http://www.communityscot.org.uk/spotlight/article/east-haven-together-angus/The Communities Channel Scotland has been developed by the Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC) with funding from the Scottish Government. The web-site is a resource for community groups across Scotland. In addition to communicating information about the work carried out by various groups and communities, the site provides useful resources for groups such as ours. It is really motivating and inspiring to read about the work of other communities and I am always humbled and amazed by the amount of work carried out everyday across Scotland. Anyway, it's good to see East Haven highlighted and we can only hope that others are inspired in the way that we have been by reading about the work of others.  

  • Jim Murdie Sustainability Award 2015

  • Coastal Village in Bloom 2015 Gold Award

  • Winner of Coastal Village Category

Boundary Commission Review

For those of you who read the blog regularly, you might remember reading something of the problems experienced in East Haven as a result of the mis-match between our Community Council boundary and our Local Government Council ward boundary. The former is in Carnoustie and the latter in Arbroath West and Letham. Over the years this has caused confusion at all levels and a number of problems for residents. That said, Cllr Ewan Smith and Cllr David Fairweather (Arbroath West and Letham) have both been very supportive of East Haven and for that we are most grateful. However, we wrote to the Boundary Commission for Scotland in August 2012 setting out a case for moving East Haven back into the Carnoustie ward. We also met with Richard Stiff, Chief Executive, Angus Council who agreed that ward boundaries should be placed around natural communities and that East Haven has strong links with the communities of Panbride, West Haven and Carnoustie. It is a relief therefore to find that the fifth review of the Scottish Boundary Commission has recommended that East Haven moves back into the Carnoustie and District Ward. It restores our faith in planners, to see that sensible decisions based on the needs of people rather than numbers have taken priority in this important review.