An Ancient Fishing Community

A priority for residents approaching our octocentenary was to improve the gateway to East Haven and strengthen our identity as an ancient fishing community. People also wanted to do something to distract the eye from the sea of tarmacadam and concrete in the village square. People suggested that we should acquire a small fishing boat to plant flowers in at the entrance to the village. 

East Haven resident Hugh Scott donated and refurbished a small fishing dinghy which residents decided should be painted blue to reflect our maritme theme for 2014. Charles Gist and Dick Kelman planted it with spring bulbs to provide a colourful display in March/April 2014.

Many thanks to  Hugh, Ian, Charles and Dick and Angus Council roads department for their advice and support in enabling us to complete this project.

Thanks also to Carnoustie Gala Committee and Angus Council Community Grant Scheme for their generous donation towards this project

  • Securing the boat in position

    Hugh Scott and Ian Bancroft secure the refurbished fishing dinghy in position on the traffic island

  • Filling the boat prior to planting

    Charles Gist and Dick Kelman fill the boat with spring bulbs

  • and finally....Spring 2014

    A host of golden daffodils in our beautiful fishing boat.