Hogmanay Bonfire

Our 800th New Year was brought in by 13 year old, local Piper, Owen Sweeney infront of a roaring bonfire near the beach. Owen was amazing and played Auld Lang Syne at the bells followed by several stirring tunes which set the tone for the celebrations that followed. It was no surprise for us to learn that Owen won a junior championship title last year. He is a very talented young Piper and we were delighted that he agreed to pipe in our 800th new year.


The bonfire took a bit of effort to get going due to recent rain but we were fortunate that on the night the weather was dry and mild. Once the fire took hold we benefited from plenty of heat throughout the early hours. Soup, mince pies and cheesecake provided sustenance along with a tipple or two to keep any lingering chill at bay. It was great to see so many people not just from the Ha'en but, Carnoustie, Arbroath, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Perth, Poland and Dubai!


East Haven was definitely the place to be on Hogmanay!