17. Nov, 2014


Jean Wake and Dorrie and John Millin have been doing some reminisicng over the weekend after digging out Jean's tin of memories.  Now living in Rampton, they came across receipts from their days in No. 8, Long Row and an old Martinmas bill in Granny Scott's name. Dorrie sent this photo which shows a number of  items from a corner in their home that is forever East Haven! The corner of the picture just in shot is Brian Petrie's Walking to East Haven, then there's a pastel Jean bought many moons ago of a well know landmark on the road into East Haven and stones and shells from the beach. Most of the old cottagers in the Ha'en had a bit of Baltic ware such as the little bowl in the picture and Dorrie says that over the years she has been able to add to the collection from  charity shops in Carnoustie. The little photograph is of Dorrie and Steve Duncan as young children. Wonder if any other ex-Ha'eners have similar nostalgia corners in their home?