20. Sep, 2014

Having a break

Many of us have been taking a break over the last couple of weeks after months of activity on our various projects. I am currently on Islay, one of the southern inner Hebrides having also visited the smaller island of Gigha. Interstingly, both Gigha and Islay have community managed facilities such as hotels, cafes and leisure areas. Really interesting to see how these are organised and run. Not that we have plans to build a hotel you will be relieved to know! However, we are now at the stage of giving serious consideration to how we can develop a longer term sustainable plan to maintain and develop our heritage and garden areas. For the time being, we are asking people for donations of red tulip bulbs which will look lovely in the garden in Spring. We have already planted some yellow Doronichum's (little leo) and have some daffodil bulbs left from last year. Back to East Haven on Monday and looking forward to hearing about other people's ideas and suggestions.