25. Aug, 2014

Coming back down to earth!

We are all slowly coming back down to earth after our wonderful day of celebrations on Saturday. Never realised that there would be so much post event work to do though. Returning equipment to hirers and community groups is proving a challenge. Today we have been in Forfar, Montrose, Carnoustie and Arbroath only to find that we have returned the wrong tent to the wrong group. However, easily sorted when we can get hold of the right people. In the meantime, we have been trying to co-ordinate the return of generators, kitchen hire equipment and portable toilets.  Joyce has been out and about delivering raffle prizes and Anne has been hunting down plates and other items of equipment that we have mislaid. Lovely to receive such positive feedback about the event. The oldest of our visitors apears to have been 99 years of age and the youngest about 3 months!