18. Jun, 2014

SALIX exigua

Have you ever heard of SALIX exigua? It's a willow tree and as East Haven used to have a lot of willow which was used to make creels and baskets, our Landscape Designer decided that we should try and source some of these lovely trees for our garden. What a job we had locating a nursery that has them in stock though. I think we phoned every nursery in Scotland before locating them in Cumbria! So pleased that we have managed to get hold of them though as it will make the garden so much more special.

In the meantime, people have been incredibly busy laying turf in the garden and preparing other areas for Beechgrove. New requests for work come in everyday just now but we are fortunate in having a great group of people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get stuck into whatever the day brings.