9. Apr, 2014

I recognise that voice!

It was a case of...... "I recognise that voice'.........'Is it really you'.... 'after all these years'. Grace Neilson who lived in East Haven for 49 years was in the Library visiting our Heritage Exhibition when she was recognised by David Clark who also lived in East Haven for many years at No1 Tankerville. There was much hugging and chatting when another familiar face appeared. This time it was Ernie Orrock who used to live in Scryne so the three of them were lost in converation about happy times living and working in the area. To be honest, it was like that much of the day as we had so many people visiting the exhibition with some sort of connection to the area. One man brought along birth certificates of his family who were born here and have links to the Ramsays and Vanetts. Other people were filling in gaps about our history and providing us with new information. It occured to us that it really should be recorded so we have put a book into the exhibition for people to add new information and their own memories/recollections.