4. Mar, 2014

Visit to Coupar Angus Primary School

Some time ago we wrote to Coupar Angus Community Council regarding our special link with the town. The port of East Haven along with a toft to build on and a toll on the fishings was gifted to the monks of Coupar Angus Abbey in 1214. When Margaret Cameron, Head Teacher at the primary school learned about our history she involved the children in making a panel of Heritage Bunting. We were invited along to their assembly to meet the chidlren and chat to them about our 800th celebrations.  The heritage panel is beautiful and we will provide more by way of explanation at our Heritage exhibition on 5th April. We had a lovely time on our visit and were so impressed by the warm and friendly reception we received. The children and staff are an inspiration. Full story in both the Angus and Perth edition of the Courier tommorrow.