25. Feb, 2014

Beechgrove Garden Team

Photo showing some of the residents on the site visit with the Beechgrove Garden Team this morning. Carnoustie Library kindly opened up early to allow a presentation to take place before returning to East Haven. Kirsty McLean, Garden Designer is on the left of the photo talking to resident Ian Bancroft. Ruth Mulchay (Researcher) is on Ian's left, then residents Anne Bancroft and Dareena Scott, Gwyneth Hardy, Beechgrove's Producer, and residents Hugh Scott and Sandie Wright. It was a very positive meeting and the second stage of the shortlisting process. We will find out in another two to three weeks whether or not Beechgrove will work with us to develop our community garden. Many thanks to residents who took time off work and/or who made their way along to Carnoustie library to meet with the Team. Fingers crossed that they choose East Haven!