16. Jan, 2014

Heritage Bunting

Hope everybody is thinking about making us a panel of Heriatge Bunting. We have a template etc on the web-site under East Haven 800 projects. I was at the Art Society New Year lunch today and several of the members are going to make a panel. One of the women was brought up at West Haven farm and we would like the farms of the former Panmure Estate represented. After all, East Haven is part of Panbride and the former Panmure Estate. Another member is doing something about the railway as East Haven had it's own station for over 100 years. Sadly it closed in 1967 but it was very busy at one time. I am also speaking with Frances Bickett tommorrow of Panbride Church. I am hoping that Frances will be able to persuade the Banner group to create a panel representing the Chrurch which has played a central part of life in the Ha'en over the centuries.