The Wedding of Craig and Christina

The wedding of Craig and Christina took place on the 23rd August 2014 at the East Haven Maritime and Heritage Festival. Craig's family, the Lyalls, are the oldest fishing family in East Haven dating back to at least the 1750's. Therefore it was appropriate that Craig who is also the last part time fisherman in the Ha'en married his fiance Christina in a ceremony in the Ha'en itself during our octocentenary year. Craig and Christina incorporated a number of fisher wedding customs into their big day. One of these was a sand ceremony which involved the bride and groom mixing layers of sand along with a member of the community (Dareena Scott). The basis of this ancient ceremony is the binding of the bride and groom not just with each other but also the fishing community in which they will spend their married life. The residents of East Haven wish Craig and Christina a long and happy life together.