Our heritage recorded in a visual artwork

East Haven 800 1214 to 2014. Dareena Scott, East Haven. Embroidery

The Winches, Marjory Smart, Carnoustie. Acrylic.

'Smoking the Haddies' Sheila McCluskie, Carnoustie. Mixed media

'Fisherwives', Evelyn Martin, Carnoustie. Acrylic

'Looking across the bay at East Haven', Marjory Smart, Carnoustie. Acrylic

East Haven's red poppies. Sheila McCluskie, Carnoustie. Acrylic.

Millennium Bonfire held on Eric's Croft at Hogmany 2000. Rita Barsby, Yorkshire.

'Seals outside Rockville', Sheila Stiff, Carnoustie, Acrylic

'Sea Shells', Irene Donaldson, Muirdrum. Mixed Media

'Watching you', Sheila McCluskie, Carnoustie, Acrylic

'Sea Acquarium', Sheila Stiff, Carnoustie. Acrylic

Evelyn Martin can remember the fisher wives from the Angus coast selling their fish from baskets that they carried both on their arms and on their backs. Acrylic.

East Haven 800 commemorative bench. 'Rest a while in this Special Place', East Haven 1214 - 2014. Marjory Smart, Carnoustie. Acrylic.

Seals bobbing about in the water- Sheila Stiff, Acrylic.

Boat at Sea. Ann Gilmour, Carnoustie. Acrylic

'Happy Haddie' Nance Reay, Carnoustie. Acrylic.

'More Fishwives' Evelyn Martin, Carnoustie. Acrylic.

'What lies beneath', Sheila McCluskie, Carnoustie. Acrylic.

'A good day at Sea', Evelyn Martin, Carnoustie. Acrylic

'Seahorses', Sheila McCluskie, Carnoustie. Acrylic

'Fishing Boat', Evelyn Martin, Carnoustie, Acrylic

'Lobstor Fishin', Evelyn Martin, Carnoustie. Acrylic

'800 Years Old' Stella Edward. Fabric and Stitch. Numbers 23 to 25

The East Haven to Arbroath coastal path. One of the most beautiful stretches of Cycle Route N0 1. Also features Wendy Murray on her electric bike! Lynn Baker, Lancashire. Mixed Media

'Harvest Mouse', Maggie McGill, Carnoustie. Acrylic

'Lobster Creel'. Lobsters were taken to London by train from the littel station in East Haven to be sold in top restaurants. Sheila McCluskie, Carnoustie. Mixed media

The anchor is not only a link to our important maritime heritage but also to our family connection to the Royal Navy. The star represents the family home in East Haven, Estrella, which in Spanish means, Star. Sandra Wright. East Haven. Embroidery

'Full moon over the water in East Haven'. Ann Gilmour, Carnoustie, Acrylic.

'She saw sea shells by the sea shore'. Sheila McCluskie, Carnoustie. Acrylic.

East Haven's rook pools are famous for the crabs that lurk beneath. Lynn Baker, Lancashire. Embellished fabric and stitch.

Sea-Horse. Andree Ritchie, Barry. Acrylic.

'Stormy Sea', Ann Gilmour, Carnoustie. Acrylic.

'East Haven, a place where children can have fun on the beach looking amongst the rock pools for all kinds of sea-life'. Sandra Wright. East Haven. Mixed Media.

'Sun rising over the winches'. Sheila McCluskie, Carnoustie. Acrylic.

'Lobsters, an important source of fishing in East Haven over the centuries. Andree Ritchie, Barry. Acrylic.

'Take a walk up the coastal path towards Arbroath and enjoy looking at the pigs on Hatton farm. Maggie McGill, Carnoustie. Acrylic

'Sealife' Nance Reay, Carnoustie. Acrylic.

'Midnight Poppies', Andree Ritchie, Barry. Fabric and Stitch

'East haven has a 'site of special scientific interest' (SSSI) managed by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) Wendy murray, East Haven. Felt

This is where the story of East Haven began in 1214. A picture of the Abbey painted by one of the children of Coupar Angus Primary School has been superimposed onto the panel. The Town Crest has been sewn on below.

'Coastal birds of East Haven, Puffin.' Sheila McCluskie, Carnoustie. Acrylic.

'Coastal birds of East Haven, Heron.' Sheila McCluskie, Carnoustie. Acrylic.

'Sun, Fun and Boats'. Loretta Dean. Arbroath. Fabric and Stitch

'Dundee Arbroath Railway and East haven Railway station which was opened in 1838. Evelyn Christison, Carnoustie.

'East Haven rock pools', Sheila Stiff, Carnoustie. Acrylic.

East Haven has entered the 'wee village in bloom' in 2014. Wendy Murray, East Haven. Felt.

Coastal Path, Route 1 runs right through East Haven. Wendy Murray, East Haven. Felt

'Sun, Fun and Boats'. Loretta Dean. Arbroath. Fabric and Stitch

'Fun in the sun' Sheila Stiff. Carnoustie. Acrylic.

East Haven has the most amazing red poppies which grow amongst the dunes in June. Wendy Murray, East Haven. Felt.

'Sun, Fun and Boats'. Loretta Dean. Arbroath. Fabric and Stitch

'East Haven Residents' Association (EHRA) was established in 1996. Wendy Murray, East Haven. Felt.

'Seaweed and Dolphins', Maggie Souter, West Haven. Mixed Media.

'Seagulls on the rocks' Gail Gilbert, Carnoustie. Acrylic.

'The boat we recovered from St Andrews for our community garden. Anne Bancroft, East Haven. Mixed media

'The Crown and Anchor'. A fitting name for an Inn if East Haven still had one! Richard Gibson, Carnoustie. Acrylic.

'Eels and seaweed', Friends of West Haven. Mixed media

'Garden Flowers', Ally Paget, West Haven. Fabric and Stitch

'look at the yachts on the water' Moira Beattie, East Haven. Felt and Stitch

'Sun, Fun and Boats'. Loretta Dean. Arbroath. Fabric and Stitch

'White Horses', Ally Paget, West Haven. Mixed Media

'Lets build a sandcastle' Moira Beattie, East Haven. Felt

For David Lindsay Hill who lived in East Haven for 50 years and who sadly passed away in 2001. Panel shows family crest and David's photograph on the reverse. by his daughter, Fiona Hessey, Mixed Media

The reverse of the panel by Fiona Hessey showing her father David Lindsay Hill.

'Look at the little fishes', Moira Beattie, East Haven. Felt and Stitch.

'Pebbles and Waves', Maggie Landalls, Carnoustie, Mixed media

'Garden Flowers', Ally Paget, West Haven. Fabric and Stitch

'Let's see the dolphins'. Moira Beattie, East Haven. Felt and Stitch

'Beach Treasure', Gilly Leiper, West Haven, Mixed Media.

'Let's fly a kite on the beach', Moira Beattie, East Haven. Felt.

East Haven is the only place in Scotland where the Greater Yellow grows naturally. Wendy Murray. Felt.

'Eric's Bridge', Dareena Scott, East Haven, Mixed media.

'Kite Flying on the beach', Anne Bancroft, East Haven, Mixed Media

'Drift Wood', Jane Wilson, Stonehaven, Mixed Media

'Red Poppies', Sheila McCluskie, Carnoustie, Embroidery

'little girl on the rocks', Maggie McGill, Carnoustie. Acrylic.

kite flying and the memory of the wind in my hair and a sense of freedom along the beach at East Haven. Josephe Swinhoe, London.

'The children are out crabbing' Sheila McCluskie, Carnoustie, Acrylic.

'Happy Days when my children played care free on the beach in East Haven. Ethel Aberdein, East Haven, Mixed Media

'Lucy' representing all Miniature Schnauzers of East Haven. 2011 Scottish schnauzer sausage catching champion. Stella Edward, East Haven. Mixed Media.

'Seals and Seahorses, Maureen McLaggan, Carnoustie. Acrylic.

'Oyster Catchers', Jo Herbert. Fabric and Stitch

'Eider Duck', Jo Herbert, Fabric and Stitch

'Greater Yellow Rattle', Linda Wolfe, Carnoustie, Embroidery

'White Sea Campion', Linda Wolfe, Carnoustie. Embroidery

'Bottlenose Dolphins are seen in the waters around east Haven'. Sheila McCluskie, Carnoustie. Acrylic

'Eric's Bridge', Sheila McCluskie, Carnoustie, Mixed Media

'Sky, Sea and Sand', Meg Woomble, West Haven. Embellished fabric

'The East Haven bonfire', Sheila Proctor, East Haven. Fabric and stitch

'Buckets and Spades' Carnoustie Panbride Youth Group. Stitch and Fabric

'The sun always shines in East Haven'.Carnoustie Panbride Youth Group. Stitch and Fabric

It's a full moon', Sheila Proctor. East Haven. Stitch and Fabric

Carnoustie Panbride Church. Stitch and Fabric.

'Colours of the Coast'.Carnoustie Panbride Youth Group. Stitch and Fabric

'Seagulls and Fluffy white clouds' Sheila Proctor. East Haven. Fabric and Stitch.

People have worshiped in Panbride since 1214 Carnoustie Panbride Banner Group. Stitch and Fabric

Remembering the fallen from the great war of 1914.Carnoustie Panbride Banner Group. Stitch and Fabric

'I am sailing'.Carnoustie Panbride Youth Group. Stitch and Fabric

The coastal landscape is a myriad of textures and colours. Meg Woomble. West Haven. Embellished fabric and stitch.

'The moon and the stars twinkle brightly over the water. Sheila Proctor. East Haven Fabric and Stitch

'The monks of Coupar Angus Abbey were gifted an acre of land on which to build a toft and the rights to fishing in the Ha'en.Carnoustie Panbride Banner Group. Stitch and Fabric

'Happy days on the beach'.Carnoustie Panbride Youth Group. Stitch and Fabric

'Look at the Gulls'.Carnoustie Panbride Youth Group. Stitch and Fabric

'East Haven has signed the pledge to clean up Scotland. Helping to remove plastic from our seas.Carnoustie Panbride Youth Group. Mixed media.

'I will make you fishers of men'. Rev Matthew Bickett. Carnoustie Panbride. Mixed Media

'We always used to cycle in East Haven even before the coastal path was built'.Carnoustie Panbride Youth Group. Stitch and Fabric

'Let's build a sandcastle'.Carnoustie Panbride Youth Group. Stitch and Fabric

'The sun on my face and the sand between my toes'.Carnoustie Panbride Youth Group. Stitch and Fabric

'One can always find a nice piece of drift wood after a high tide'. Carnoustie Panbride Youth Group. Stitch and Fabric

Sea Horse. Sheila Findlay. Carnoustie. Acrylic.

'Seal on the rock'. Judy Adamson, Carnoustie. Acrylic.

'Fishing boat', Sheila Findlay. Carnoustie. Acrylic.

'Children playing on the beach', Sheila Findlay, Carnoustie. Acrylic

My Dad used to come down to East Haven from the farm at Balhousie to collect seaweed. Nancy Don. Carnoustie. Mixed media

Remembering wonderful walks along the beach at East Haven with my sister Linda. Kathleen Fisher, Newcastle. Embellished fabric and stitch.

East Haven is on the BBC Scotland weather map. Nancy Don. Carnoustie. Mixed media.

'A spirit of partnership between Carnoustie Community Council and East Haven 800. Carnoustie Community Council. Fabric and stitch

Nicola D. This was my father' (George Lyall) fishing boat. AH 26. Nicola Lyall. East Haven. Fabric and Stitch

This is the reverse of Nicola Lyalls panel 119. Nicola embroidered the names of the old fishermen on the back of it.

'Birds of a Feather', Gail Gordon, London. Mixed media

'Dragonflies', Gail Gordon, London. Fabric and Stitch.

'Wild Horses', Lynn Fotheringham, East Haven. Mixed media.

Waste Water treatment Plant at Hatton. Sue Tulloch, East Haven. Embroidery.

The people of Maule created this panel of bunting symbolic of our historical connection with the Maules of Panmure

Carnoustie is Twinned with Maule which lies approximately 25 miles south west of Paris. Maule and Aulnay-sur-Mauldre are situated in the Yvelines region of France in the valley of the Mauldre river.

We invite you to sit back and enjoy our gallery which features all 125 panels of heritage bunting. Each panel tells it's own story but together they tell the whole story of East Haven from 1214 right through to the present day. 

To see who created each piece and read the descriptor hover the mouse over each panel below.

This is what some people said about the bunting at our Maritime and Heritage Exhibition in April.

The heritage bunting is simply stunning - M MacLellan, Glasgow

Must open the eyes of others to the value of a community project helping bind neighbours together and to raise the profile of stitchery and fabric to the wider public - A Paget, West Haven

A magical fantastic exhibition - the bunting is wonderful - D. Stewart, Kirriemuir.

Lots of lovely handiwork gone into the bunting, D Davidson, Broughty Ferry.

Very impressed with the bunting, M Keirs, Carnoustie.