• We have signed the pledge to 'Clean up Scotland

  • We focus our efforts around Beautiful Scotland's Three Pillars.

  • We have signed the pledge to 'Clean up Angus' so we go out from East Haven to clean up in other areas of Angus too!

  • 16th - 17th January 2016 Before

    Following the recent storms and floods, debris was the worst we had ever seen it in East Haven

  • 16th - 17th January 2016 After

    Eighteen man hours later and we had cleaned up a 300 metre stretch. It was so bad it couldn't wait until a spring clean up!

  • 16th - 17th January 2016 Everything had to go

    Not even this little doll survived the clean up. Every bit of plastic was removed from the beach.

International beach Clean day - 19th September 2015

Residents and friends came together for the last big beach clean of the year. All the beach litter was identified and counted to contribute to a survey by Marine Scotland which helps to inform future events and plannning.  

Beautiful Scotland Rural Beach awards - 1st September 2015

Today we were really pleased to meet Gillian Slider, Community Development Officer with Beautiful Scotland. We have had a lot of contact with Gillian in her role with the Clean up Scotland campaign so it was lovely to meet face to face instead of by e-mail or phone.

The purpose of Gillian's visit was to provide us with more information about the rural beach award adminstered by Beautiful Scotland. A rural beach is classified as one which may have limited facilities and is generally in a rural or remote location. Whilst East Haven is certainly rural we were concerned that seaweed on the beach might exclude us from such an award. However, we were delighted to find that beach awards are as much concerned with the surrounding environment as they are with the beach itself. For example, toilet provision, litter bins, recycling, picnic areas and interpretation boards. As far as the seaweed is concerned, it is a natural phenomena and provides a habitat that is important for shorelife, including feeding for several bird species.

Gillian was really positive about what we have achieved thus far and has encouraged us to submit an application later this year. We are aware of a couple of things we can do to make further improvement but we hope to add East Haven to the small group of award-winning rural beaches in Scotland in 2016.

1st September 2015 


16th August 2015

Great beach clean today and lots of volunteers from the surrounding area and as far away as Portsmouth - Thank you everybody you did a great job!

  • Clean up Europe 10th May 2015

  • Cleaning the beach

  • Handing out stubbis for those cigarette ends

Have you got the litter bug yet? It's great fun so do join us!














East Haven Pick up 3 Litter clean

Saturday 21st Feb



Heritage Point

East Haven Spring Clean

Potting party afterwards - all welcome


4th April




Heritage Point

Clean Europe Day


9th May



Heritage Point

East Haven Mid-summer Clean up


21 June



Heritage Point

Taste of Scotland Cycle

27th June

10am 4pm

Picnic area

East Haven clean up day


24th July



Heritage Point

East Haven Clean up day


16th Aug



Heritage Point

International Coastal Clean Up

Saturday 19th Sept



Heritage Point


An example of why this work is important

Having pride in East Haven and doing our bit to make Angus a great place to live and visit is affirmed by this note left for residents in our community toilets by Christine Philpott from Offenburg, Germany. This is what she said......


What a lovingly tended place. Every time I come through East Haven on the bike to and from Arbroath I am so delighted by the style and care and the affection that manifests itself here. I come up from Germany once a year for about a month in the Monifieth area with my bike in the car as I can enjoy the wonderful countryside and all your efforts certainly contribute to these pleasures. I have great admiration for your community and community spirit.

kind regards

Christine Philpott

25th February

Today we were out litter picking in Hatton and Scryne. The verges have been looking a bit sad over the winter so it's a good time to clean up before the grasses grow over the rubbish. Need to think how we can persuade people to take more pride in the immediate vicinity outside their homes. Even if people would pledge to keep the area 100 yards either side of their gate litter free it would make such a difference.

  • Litter pick up and beach clean -Saturday 21st February 2015

  • We participated in the creation of a short film about the prevention of littering - 3rd Feb 2015

  • Launch of the second stage of the Prevent and Pick up 3 litter initiative Feb 2015

East Haven - Helping to keep Scotland beautiful

As anybody who has visited East Haven knows, our coastal landscape is wild, rugged, remote and very beautiful. Except that is, when people leave litter and/or don't pick up after their dogs. Due to tidal patterns we also acquire more than our fair share of marine debris and plastics. 

We therefore decided that in 2014 we would step up our efforts to reduce littering of all types and make improvements on such a level that East Haven would be immediately recognised as a place that people respect and care about.

As the saying goes, litter breeds litter and dog fouling attracts more dog fouling. Not anymore.....we want our village to look beautiful at all times. We want to do our bit to help change the culture of littering in Scotland. We want people to start picking up litter whenever they see it wherever they see it. The late Heather Gist from East Haven was ahead of her time and a great ambassador for 'Keep Scotland Beautiful' in the 1980's and 90's. Heather never went out without a carrier bag to collect litter and is remembered by so many people for all the work she did, day in day out, year after year helping to clean up East Haven and keep Scotland beautiful.  

Heather would have been delighted to know that East Haven residents have now signed the pledge to 'Clean up Scotland' and 'Clean up Angus'. We are also registered  with the Marine Conservation Society and 'Beautiful Scotland' campaign.  We want everybody who visits Angus to be impressed and surprised by all it has to offer. We are therefore extremely grateful to Angus Council for enabling us to purchase a set of litter pickers and hoops so we can go out collecting litter on a regular basis.  

As anybody knows, most people who live in East Haven love dogs and welcome dogs (under control) on the beach and the coastal path. However, we would urge people to pick up after their dogs at all times in all areas no matter how remote. If you don't pick up, we have to pick up on your behalf.  We have worked hard over the last couple of years to reduce dog littering and hand out bags etc. We are also a key partner with Carnoustie Canine Capers promoting the green dog walkers initiative.

East Haven Residents' Association work in partnership with Angus Council to drive forward a change in behaviour and cultural attitudes towards littering and improving the environment. Once we decided that we were going for transformational change in our octocentenary year we decided that we would enter Beautiful Scotland's  'Wee Village in Bloom'. Having not done anything like it before we had a mountain to climb but managed to achieve a silver gilt award in our first year. This recognised our whole sysyems approach to improvement and also the partnerships we developed with indivduals and organisations all over Angus. 

A better East Haven is better for Angus and a better Angus is better for Scotland and for all of us!



  • January 2015

    Bag it and bin it!
    Leave paw prints only in the Ha'en

  • January 2015

    Highlighting the problem with yellow paint spray (temporary and lead free of course)

Innovative Litter Picking Project - November 2014

We are delighted to participate in a new campaign led by Angus Council called Prevent and Pick Up 3. The Press release below was issued on 26th November and provides more information about this innovative project which we hope will lead to long term benefits for the area.

Funding Announced for Innovative Litter Project in Angus

 An exciting new project to tackle the issue of litter at the West Links area of Arbroath and East Haven has been funded by Zero Waste Scotland’s Litter and Flytipping Innovation Fund.

This new project is aimed at encouraging the whole community to stop littering and will be led by Angus Council’s Pride in Place Group who will work in partnership with the West Links Park Co-ordinator, East Haven Residents Association, the Skate Park Committee, local businesses, volunteers and residents.

The project will run from now until the end of March 2015 over three phases. The first phase will evaluate the amount and types of litter present and explore the attitudes and behaviour to littering of people who use the area, including dog walkers, cyclists, joggers and skate park users. This will provide a baseline against which the success of the project can be measured.

The second phase will involve running a litter prevention campaign focusing on the impact of litter on the local environment, wildlife, community and local businesses. This will also involve the installation of new educational display boards promoting anti-littering behaviour, as well as the strategic positioning of Recycle-on-The-Go bins.

The final phase will involve further litter monitoring to assess the impact of the project.

Councillor Jeanette Gaul, Chair of the Angus Council Pride in Place Group, said: “We have so much to be proud of with our lively and welcoming towns, our spectacular scenery, our championship golf courses and our unique heritage. Cleaning up costs hundreds of thousands of pounds every year, so we want less mess not more costly clean-up. This campaign will raise the awareness of litter and reduce the cost to the taxpayer and negative impact on the environment and wildlife.”

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland, said:

“It’s great to see Angus Council and the local community coming forward with ideas to tackle litter issues, which we know all communities in Scotland face. Two-hundred and fifty million easily visible pieces of litter are dropped each year in Scotland. That’s the scale of the problem and that’s why we are delighted to fund this exciting project in Angus, from the Litter Innovation Fund, and we welcome more such innovative ideas to try and lessen the blight of litter in Scotland.”


30th November 2014

Beautiful day for a litter pick up and beach clean today. Also handing out dog bags and biscuits and talking to people about the increase in dog litter during the winter months.

Summer cleanups.

We have been out and about everymonth cleaning up on the beach and in the general area. The  July and August saw people busy in the Ha'en collecting litter along the beach and around the village itself. The Haven has been full of tourists and visitors over the summer and generally people are putting litter in the bins provided. Angus Council are emptying the bins not just during the week but weekends too and that is making a significant difference. 


The 20th July saw East Haven residents organise a litter pick up in Barry to clean up the accesss roads around the Commonwealth Games shooting event. 

Big Clean up in and around East Haven - 21 June 2014

Lots of people came along to support our big clean up today. People walked into East Haven along the route of the Queen's relay Baton and collected rubbish on the way. What a lot of it there was too. Because the verges have been cut back it has uncovered piles of rubbish so still lots of work to be done particulary on the Monifieth to Carnoustie stretch. Anyway, East Haven is looking clean and tidy and almost ready for Wednesday. The glass in the bus shelter is being replaced on Tuesday morning which is a bonus and the final touches to the phone box will take place on Monday. We still have work to do on plant sorting and some of the practical arrangements for next week but we are ready!

Clean Europe Day - Beautiful East Haven - 10th May

Residents and friends of East Haven were joined by cadets from 2449 (Carnoustie) Squadron, Air Training Corps for their 'big beach clean' on Saturday 10th May. The event was planned to co-incide with clean Europe day. Carnoustie Canine Capers were also in attendance raising awareness about responsible dog ownership and encouraging dog walkers to leave paw prints only in the Ha'en. 

Having signed the pledge to Clean up Scotland earlier this year, residents have organised a number of events aimed at improving the environment and reducing littering of all types. We are expecting thousands of visitors in the Ha'en this year and we want people to remember how beautiful this part of Angus is. 

Visitors to East Haven today were also treated to another exhibition of the Heritage Bunting which was created for our Octocentenary year.

More Information about Acquatic Litter

Scotland is a land surrounded by 10,000km of stunning coastline, 31,000 lochs, 220 kilometres of canals and with our 10 longest beautiful rivers making up a combined length of 1350 kilometres we have an amazing asset. But these waterscapes are under threat from littering, pollution and habitat destruction. Marine Conservation Society Beachwatch surveys show an average of 1,963 pieces of litter per kilometre on Scotland’s beaches and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) highlighting that 80% of litter in Scotland’s waterways is transported there from land by rivers, drainage or wind.

Aquatic litter is a massive problem globally and Scotland has to do its bit.  Litter poses a vast and growing threat to the marine and coastal environment in particular. According to the UNEP, around 8 million items of litter enter the marine environment every day. An estimated 70 per cent of marine litter ends up on the sea bed, 15 per cent on beaches and the remaining floats to the surface.

Carnoustie Canine Capers and Green Dog Walkers

Carnoustie Canine Capers promote responsible dog ownership including:

•Green Dog Walkers and the " Bag it and Bin it! Leave only pawprints" messagein Carnoustie and the wider community.  Angus Council are partners and hold the rights to the materials for the scheme.

•Sponsorship of Space Dogs - "Dogs need space" see www.spacedogs.org.uk


Key Partners are:

1.APDT Trainer Margaret Hudson

2.Burnside School

3.Carnoustie Community Council

4.Pawfessional Touch Dog Walking and Pet Care Services


6.Wallace Vets Ltd

Supported by Angus Council Community Grant Scheme and "For Carnoustie"

We support Fair Trade and local businesses.

Pledged to Clean up Scotland campaign  


Green Dog Walkers:

•Is promoted in Carnoustie and District by Carnoustie Canine Capers.  Angus Council hold the rights to the materials for the scheme.

•Key Partners are The Wallace Veterinary Centre, Margaret Hudson, APDT trainer, Carnoustie and Carnoustie Community Council, Scotprinting and Burnside School.

•Bag it and bin it!  Leave only pawprints!

•Think before they print! Scan if they can! Use e-mails not motor miles!

•Promote responsible dog ownership

Supported by Angus Council Community Grant Scheme and For Carnoustie


  • Our first beach clean of the year - May 2014

  • Litter pick up - June 2014

  • Litter collection May 2014