Minute of last Meeting of East Haven Residents' Association held in Kinloch Arms Hotel, 30th July 2015





The final meeting of East Haven Residents’ Association took place in the Kinloch Arms Hotel on Thursday 30th July 2015. Residents met together to view the Beautiful Scotland presentation which had been delivered to  judges earlier in the day. The presentation brought together all the work which had been undertaken since 2013 bringing the village to this important  new milestone. A new charity ‘East Haven Together’ has been formed from the 23rd July taking over from the work of the Association. A leaflet about the new charity will be delivered to all residents next week.Residents raised a glass to those past and present who have worked to protect and enhance the village over the past 19 and a half years.



Discussion and debate took place about what form a new summer event would potentially take. For many reasons the present format of the village barbecue is no longer viable.  One of our residents has kindly offered to donate a large marquee. Those present thought that we might want to consider a day time event and possibly picnic boxes instead of barbecued food. The ambience and friendly nature of the recent ‘Big Picnic’ was felt to be the kind of atmosphere we would want to create. Something that was enjoyable for both the youngest and the oldest in the community. It was agreed that a marquee would make life a lot easier for the community but those present felt that we should be clear about the size required and the type of use before our resident proceeds with such a big investment. It was agreed that Wendy would send out another questionnaire to residents in the near future to try and obtain greater feedback from those not present.












Gordon and Gaelle have done a lot of work to try and encourage the uptake of Petanque in the village. There is now a feeling that perhaps we should build our own community Petanque Court. Gordon has also offered to take people into Carnoustie for a Taster Session if they would like to try the game. Again, it was agreed that we would ask people by way of the above questionnaire about their interest in the game as this would be a project for next year.






Meeting 30th July 2015

Most of you have contributed in one way or another to village activities this year and we have summarised below the wide variety of ways in which this has happened. No matter how big or small your contribution, it has played a vital part in supporting and maintaining the village  environment.  We have consolidated the work started in 2014 and we have also entered Beautiful Scotland’s, Coastal Village in Bloom 2015. As part of the preparation for this, we have to deliver a presentation to the Beautiful Scotland Judges providing background, context and evidence that we have met key criteria. As soon as the presentation has been delivered to the judges we would like to give everyone the opprortunity to see it. Even though our web-site is kept fully up-to-date with all information relating to the village and it’s activities it may be of interest to see everything brought together into a single presentation. We therefore invite you to the Kinloch Arms Hotel in Carnoustie at 7pm on Thursday 30th July. As the Hotel have kindly given us their function room at no cost they would be grateful if people would purchase a drink at the bar. This doesn’t need to be an alcoholic drink as they also sell coffee and the usual range of soft drinks.

Following the presentation we would also like to have a discussion about what form any future summer events in the village should take. There is a feeling that for many reasons the traditional format of the barbecue is no longer viable. For example;

  • the wooden stands require considerable repair and take 2-3 days to erect and take down
  • Ordering of meat and food stuffs is problematic due to many people not committing to buy tickets until the last minute
  • Barbecuing of food is labour intensive and a high risk activity
  • Music and rehearsals are labour intensive  

It has been suggested that we should consider buying our own marquee and whilst this might seem a logical way forward there are still a number of considerations regarding needs, use, storage etc. If you have any views or ideas please do let us know or better still, come along to the meeting and tell us. Finally, a few residents have suggested that we build a community petanque  court so we would like to know who would be interested in playing boules if we progress this idea.



Delivering leaflets around the village

Mary’s Meals & Cairn area tidy

Taking down redundant signs

Painting pictures for Wee Gallery at Heritage Point

Cutting back brambles

Painting road signs

Helping with DIY in toilets

Maintaining fresh flowers in the toilets

Sweeping roads

Painting fences

Filling pot holes

Keeping bus shelter and phone box clean

Picking up litter Beach cleans

Building compost units

Gifting soaps etc for ‘Wee Gallery at HP’

Planting flowers around street furniture in village

Participating in rota

‘Wee Gallery at HP’

Making curtains for the Bothy

Erecting and replacing signs

Weeding, gardening, tending plants, cutting back trees

Donations and Gifts of Plants

Talking to public about littering

Cleaning Heritage Boards at HP.

Cutting Greater Yellow Rattle (at request of SNH)

Tackling dog litter

Repairing and painting boats

Clearing old rubbish sites in the village

Providing refreshments, ‘wee parties’ and encouragement to everybody

Helping at the Big Picnic on 27th June.

Building walls, cairns, planting wild flowers

Research and investigation. Representing EH.

Participating in decision making by responding to consultation, votes, meetings, drop in afternoons etc

Contributing to our Tombola in June

Building wild life boxes


Mowing - Treating grass - cutting edges

Contributing personal expertise e.g considering a community heating system.

Writing a public leaflet

Creating new gardens and flower beds

Watering flower barrels and dinghy on Island

Improving own gardens

Painting and fitting out the Bothy. Collecting and laying slabs.

Drop in afternoon 7th May 2015

East Haven Residents’ Association

Draft Constitution for a Scottish Incorporated Charitable Organisation (SCIO)


Further to our AGM I am writing to let you know that we have now developed a draft constitution for our new proposed SCIO which, we believe, includes all the elements that you told us were important. We were fortunate in that we were able to adapt a model constitution written by Scottish Solicitors Burness Paull, so our job was made much easier. We also obtained specific legal advice from them on a couple of issues relating to membership.


When East Haven Residents’ Association was established in 1996 there was no such thing as a SCIO. If there had been, we would have probably chosen this form of organisation as it provides a more robust and supportive structure. We are not on our own in thinking this way and more than 550 organisations in Angus have now changed their legal form from a voluntary organisation like ours into a SCIO.


We believe that the SCIO provides residents with a choice that they haven’t previously enjoyed. This is because our current constitution provides no opportunity for people to ‘opt out’ of the Association if they wish. From time to time individuals have objected to automatically being assumed to being a member of the Association just by virtue of the fact that they live in East Haven. In the new SCIO, residents will be able to choose whether to be a member or not. We have also included in our constitution a commitment to making information available to all residents regardless of their  membership status.



We have included two categories of membership;

1)    East Haven residents  and  

2)    A ‘Friends of East Haven’ category.

This means that if a situation arises which only affects residents, for example, the opportunity of buying into a community heating system, we will be able to have a residents only vote.


Charitable Purpose

In thinking about our charitable purpose and aims we looked back at all the activities East Haven Residents’ Association has been involved in over the past 19 years.  We have tried to ensure that anything we might wish or need to do as a community in the future will be covered by our new aims which are, to Protect and promote the heritage of East Haven, Protect the natural heritage of East Haven, Protect and enhance the natural environment of East Haven, Promote the needs and interests of East Haven and it’s residents, Develop and maintain a sustainable community and Protect wildlife. We have also linked our charitable aims to Scotland’s 2020 Challenge for Bio-diversity and also Community Action for a Sustainable Scotland.

Trustees and Members

The title trustee, simply refers to the people who would normally sit on our committee. Some of these individuals carry out specific functions such as Treasurer, Secretary and Chair. We would like to call our Chair a Lead Trustee in the future as other trustees might also chair meetings but the lead trustee oversees all the work of the SCIO. The type of SCIO we will seek to establish will be run on exactly the same basis as the residents association in that members and trustees make decisions together. The only difference is that we have to keep a list of trustees and members who are all granted protection against liabilities where we have no protection at present. We have suggested a minimum of 3 Trustees at any time and a maximum of 6. We will hold an AGM every year.



We will continue to keep clear and transparent records of all our financial transactions. At least two signatories are required on the account. We will continue to obtain an independent examination of our accounts by a qualified accountant every twelve months.


Procedural Matters

As you can imagine, there are large parts of the constitution which are heavy going and refer to procedural matters. Examples are, producing minutes of board meetings, making them available, resignation of members, voting at AGMs etc. If anybody would like to help us by proof reading the full document please let Wendy or Dareena know.


Drop in at Bothy

We are holding a drop in at the Bothy on Thursday 7th May between 2pm and 6pm so that you can ask further questions and/or look through the full draft constitution. If anybody would like a copy of the draft constitution before then we can send it out by e-mail or loan you a hard copy.


Finally – a name for our new organisation

We have had lots of suggestions for a new name and we have tried to narrow it down to three which we feel best describe what we are about and what we do. We would be very grateful if you would let us know one way or another by the 7th May what your preference would be:


Friends of East Haven

Focus on East Haven

East Haven Futures

East Haven Together


EHRA - Minutes of AGM held on 7th April 2015




The Chair welcomed attendees and reported on apologies


Minutes of the last AGM held on Tuesday 29th April 2014 were reviewed. Joyce Morrison proposed that they were approved as accurate and this motion was seconded by Stan Beattie


There were no matters arising from the previous minutes that were not substantive items on this AGM agenda


The Chairman (Gordon Lumsdaine) delivered his report as appended to this minute.


The secretary (Wendy Murray) delivered her report as appended to this minute.


The Treasurers, Ethel Aberdein and Dareena Scott presented a summary of the accounts which have now been submitted for examination by an independent accountant. A proposal that they were approved by  the meeting was made by John Mathers and seconded by Gordon Lumsdaine. Alasdair Murray proposed a special vote of thanks to the two treasurers for their careful financial management during the East Haven 800 celebrations. All our grant funders have signed off our projects and expressed satisfaction in the way that we have achieved all the outcomes that we said we would achieve.  As at the 31st January 2014 we had £385.87 in the account and this is required to meet the cost of insurance, web-services and accountants fees.




Taste of Scotland Cycle – 27th June 2015

We are encouraging people to get on their bikes and cycle a stretch of National Cycle route 1 on 27th June to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary. Sustrans have given us £100 towards new planting at the head of the cycle path where we also intend to build a cairn with a new interpretation board to direct cyclists. We have also had a steel money box made for us which will be cemented into the cairn for donations to Mary’s Meals. As this is also Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink we will provide some taste of Angus food for people passing through. Angus Council and James Porter Farm fruits also involved. It was suggested that we should use this as a fund raising event if possible by holding a tombola or something similar.


It seems that a new bus timetable has been introduced and a couple of buses including the last one from Ninewells at tea time have been axed in the village without any consultation. Stan agreed to put together a case for us to make representation to the appropriate bodies.



Community Council

Residents have been confused by recent communication from Police Scotland who referred to the collapse of our Community Council. Sergeant Andy Carroll sends his apologies as they thought that the political ward boundary was co-terminous with the Community Council boundary.  East Haven remains in the Carnoustie Community Council boundary and the Arbroath and west Letham political ward.


Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO)

A lively and considered debate took place regarding the pros and cons of becoming a SCIO. After much discussion a vote was held.

Do you agree that East Haven Residents’ Association should be dissolved following successful application to become a SCIO?

The result of the vote was 20 to 6 in favour. As a result we will now work together to develop a constitution that meets the needs and aspirations of the community before submitting an application for approval as a SCIO.



a)Hedgehog Presentation to be held on Friday 10th April at 2.30pm at Wendy’s

b) Residents briefly discussed the development of a good quality coffee outlet in the car park

c) Possible dates for the village Barbecue were discussed.



The meeting was closed at 9pm























































Chairman’s Report

Last year in my annual report I said that I thought we were on track to complete all the projects that we had embarked on for our 800th celebrations. It was an amazing year and residents  and friends of East Haven  went on to develop the Beechgrove Community Garden which was an enormous effort  but one which was hugely rewarding. I don’t think we could quite believe it when two days after completion we had our own market in the village square as we welcomed the Queen’s Baton Relay. We are very grateful to Gregor Scott for the short films he made of our events as we now have a digital record  for future generations. We are also really proud of the wonderful commemorative music which Gregor Beattie composed and is now available on CD if anybody doesn’t have their own copy. It was a moving moment when it was showcased at our East Haven 800 Festival.  Not only did we achieve everything that we set out to achieve but we also won awards for our efforts.  Beautiful Scotland awarded East Haven a SilverGilt for ‘wee village in bloom’ and VisitScotland the Tourism award for 2014. We rounded off our success by becoming the Herald Society Community Project of the Year winners in November.

We couldn’t have achieved anything in our 800th year without the drive, commitment and efforts of supporters and residents in the village. Wendy tells me that  50 out of 54 householders involved themselves at one level or another. Of the four with no involvement one is a holiday property and another person works abroad. We were also very grateful to local businesses and organisations who donated money, goods services and time to enable us to fund all our projects. Joyce Morrison did a wonderful job leading on our raffle and persuading shops and local businesses to donate. It was an amazing achievement to raise over £89,000 last year of which £22,000 was expertly managed by our treasurers Ethel and Dareena.

Finally, as I said last year, my hope was that we would go on to become a stronger community and I think it is fair to say that we are achieving that. WE all know one another a lot better and we’ve had several parties and games of scrabble and petanque which we hope to develop further in the summer. However, taking forward a strong community requires on-going commitment and our gardens provide a great opportunity to involve everybody. Everybody can participate no matter what their strength and ability – be it doing something in the potting shed, posting leaflets, making a cuppa or joining in the chat and encouraging others.

The fact that we are such a positive and welcoming community has led many people over the last few years to comment that the term residents’ association seems out-dated and no longer fit for purpose. As Wendy said in our recent communication on the matter, it conjures up images of people sat round the table moaning all the time which is not what we are about. If we do have a problem we sort it out quickly and in the most positive way possible. That is not to say that the residents’ association has not served us well over the years. Through the organisation the village has grown and developed into the wonderful place that it is today. There will be discussion and a vote later in the meeting to decide whether or not we disband the residents’ association in favour of a SCIO under a different name. Therefore, I wish to close my report this year by thanking everybody, both past and present, who has been involved in the residents association since it’s inception in 1996. My hope this year is that whatever way this meeting decides to move forward that East Haven will continue to thrive and remain a strong community.

Gordon Lumsdaine. 7th April 2015


Secretary’s Report

As Gordon mentioned in his report over 93% of the village were involved at some level or another in the work we undertook in 2014. This is a great achievement for any community and we are particularly proud that so many people from out-with the village also wanted to be part of our celebrations. We have a large following on both our Facebook page and our community web-site. For many months during the height of East Haven 800 we were receiving over 50 e-mails a day and also responding to Facebook enquiries. Although this has now reduced to a more manageable level, new people with a former association to East Haven are still contacting us and people have maintained their interest in our community. We have been asked to make a number of presentations about our work to various groups. Last year we presented to Carnoustie Socialeyes and the Rotary Club. This year, we have made presentations at a Beautiful Angus seminar and also the Probus Club and the Tay Estuary Forum on 24th April 2015.

Much work has been undertaken since all our octocentenary celebrations to ensure that we maintain our improved environment and stronger community. We have applied for further grants and financial support to enable us to do this but it has proved much more challenging this year as the majority of grant holders are only interested in new projects and rather than the type of work we are doing this year to consolidate on existing ones. We have however, promoted a ‘friends of East Haven’ scheme to encourage those with an interest who are not able to help in the gardens to make a small donation.

One of the key needs for 2015 identified by people in the village was a potting shed to enable easy access for equipment and space to sow seeds and pot plants together. An initial grant application was unsuccessful but as a result of a new partnership we have established with our neighbours at CatchmentTay (Waste Water Treatment Plant) to look at the use of bio-solids we have had one donated. To say we are thrilled is an understatement and it has already become more than just a ‘potting shed’ with the acquisition of a bookcase and chairs to sit and have a cuppa. Rod has made bird boxes and we hope to encourage bees, birds and insects into this lovely area.  Following our success with Silvergilt last year, residents said we should register again, so, on the advice of Beautiful Scotland we have entered the ‘coastal village’ category.  

Work on littering of all types has intensified over the winter when littering is often worse than in the summer.  A few residents participated in the Prevent and Pickup3 training which appears to have had some impact. We will disseminate the final evaluation report when it becomes available. Litter picking is now becoming a daily activity for some residents and we have on occasions extended our work out-with East Haven to try and enthuse and inspire other people in the surrounding area to get involved in achieving Beautiful Scotland’s aim of making Scotland the cleanest country in Europe. To that end we have bought a few hi-viz jackets with East Haven on them as we found that people thought we were Council employees which only serves to promote a dependancy culture on the Council and increased littering.

We also consulted recently on our own public toilets and whether or not we would participate in a trial of opening, closing and cleaning them. As you are aware, there is no duty on Local Authorities to provide public toilets and the Scottish and UK Government see community partnerships as the way forward across Scotland. Residents provided very constructive comments and feedback. As a result, there are enough volunteers to take a trial forward but we decided not to assume responsibility for maintenance, due to risks and liabilities associated with the age of the building, the septic tank and access under the bridge. 

We had a lovely letter and a further donation from Beechgrove Garden at Christmas so don’t be surprised if you see them popping by from time to time as they have a continued interest in our activities. Finally, this is my 19th year as secretary of EHRA and I have seen it grow and develop over the years. We have faced many challenges but these have always been managed by positive communication and good partnerships with the Council and other local organisations. I hope that whatever the vote is this evening that our community goes on to strengthen these and ensure that East Haven remains a great place to live and visit in the future. 

 Wendy Murray, Secretary 7th April 2015

Residents Meeting 3rd December 2014

EASTHAVEN RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION Meeting - Wednesday 3rd December Panmure Centre

Present: Gordon, Dick, Alasdair, Rod, Gary, Stan, Ian, Anne, Lynzi, Sheila, Alan, Sandie, Hugh, Nancy, Moira, Jessie, Ethel, Dareena, Jack, Andy, Wendy



Apologies were received from John Mathers, Charles Gist, Ann and Dave Ramsay, Pat and Alastair Stuart, Alice Noble.

Financial Position. Ethel and Dareena provided a summary of our current position. We have approximately £370 left in the account after we have paid our public liability insurance (up to Nov 15) and also our web-site fees. Awards for All Scotland and Angus Council have signed off our Grant payments and are satisfied that we achieved the outcomes we said we would achieve. We would like to organise a final review of our accounts in the new year. Greg (Broughty Ferry) provided a professional statement of our accounts this time last year to satisfy grant awarding bodies. He did this free of charge but we would like to make a payment on this occasion as it will be a major piece of work.  Residents thanked Dareena and Ethel for all their hard work in managing our various budgets and ensuring that the accounts have stood up to scrutiny. The accounts are open for anybody to view on request. 

We still have lots of copies of Memories o’ the Ha’en and any that we now sell are a bonus as we have covered our printing outlay. Cost reduced to £5

East Haven 800 Christmas Cards - we have had special cards printed to thank people for their involvement with East Haven 800. A total of 92 cards were given out for residents to circulate.

Stan Beattie updated residents on the production of the CD, ‘The Haven’. It comprises two tracks of our commemorative music. The first one is the brass band version and the second one is a vocal track. Gregor wrote lyrics to accompany the music but it took time to find the right voice to sing it. CDs hopefully available before Christmas and will cost in the region of £3-£4.

Heritage and Gardening Plans for 2015

It has been suggested that we establish a fund for the Heritage and Gardens to enable people to make a financial contribution annually if they so wish. After some discussion it was agreed that a “Friends of the East Haven Heritage and Garden Fund would be established and people could donate whatever they feel appropriate.Several small developments have emerged from the work we have already undertaken and these were outlined;

a) Prevent and Pick up 3 Campaign. This fits well with our pledge to Clean up Angus and Clean up Scotland. Angus Council have obtained funding for this exciting project and residents will receive some training to support them to speak directly with the public about littering in February. Recycling on the go bin to be installed. Surveys about attitudes have already taken place.

b)Network Rail have appointed a new Communities Officer in Scotland. As  we have been in negotiations with them during the year we have now been given the opportunity to part of their Communities Scheme. This means we will be provided with training and safety equipment to enable us to go behind the railway fencing to clean up rubbish and weeds and improve the railway banking

c) Sustrans - we are working with Sustrans to improve the gateway at the head of the coastal path opposite Torrie Park. We will plant the corner and provide an interpretation board to guide cyclists through the village and up the coast.

d) SNH - We are working in partnership with SNH to try and increase the growth of the Greater Yellow Rattle which is unique to East Haven. This involves special cuts to spread the seeds.

e) Sea Pea Plant - We have an opportunity to work in partnership with Dundee University to protect this rare coastal plant which we think maybe already growing in East Haven on one of  the tracks.

f) Anti-social behaviour - We will build a stone cairn at the head of the cycle path opposite Torrie Park to secure a collection tin for the charity Mary’s Meals. 

Wendy will meet with Chief Inspector Gordon Milne and the Communities Director, Alan McKeown to discuss strategies to eliminate the anti-social behaviour in the car park area. It is likely to involve a multi-system approach looking at CCTV and also seeing if we block off the  main car parking space connected to the problem. A presence in the area with some kind of tea/coffee outlet would have the biggest impact but it might not be possible to find somebody to take this on. We also intend to continue our work to keep the toilets in good condition for visitors and provide soap and hand towels etc. We will meet again before Easter to discuss the full plan for managing this problem.

g) The Bothy - Ian has drawn up a plan for the layout of the Bothy area which will include a composting area and possibly raised beds. We require a shed to store our garden tools. It would also be good if we could have some sort of Greenhouse or Poly-tunnel for bringing on our plants. We have applied for some funding from beautiful Scotland but will make other applications too. 

h) Litter pickers and Hoops - A few people are now holding litter pickers and hoops on behalf of EHRA to enable them to go out litter picking at any time.

i) Scottish Water: We intend to work with Scottish Water to explore the possibility of utilising bio solids as a slow release fertiliser in some of our garden areas. 

Other ideas for development were identified as:

To purchase a dog bag dispenser

Painted stencils of green feet walking towards litter bins.

Consider improving the beach to award standard.

Talk to SNH about wild flowers and their previous report on sustaining the GYR.

Consolidate the work we have undertaken this year across all areas

Consultation Questionnaire.

20 questionnaires were completed by those attending the meeting to obtain feedback on priorities for 2015.


East Haven Heritage and Garden Questionnaire

What do you think we should concentrate on this year?


1 = Agree    2 = Not Sure       3 = Disagree


Collecting litter and undertake beach cleans    

Agree = 20


Improving more areas and plant wild flowers        

Agree = 15          Not Sure = 2


Protecting rare plants such as the Greater Yellow Rattle and sea pea

Agree = 20


Working to reduce dog fouling  

Agree = 20


Growing herbs and vegetables 

Agree = 8             Not Sure = 8          Disagree = 3


a) We have been asked to take part in a photo shoot to promote Pride in Place. Please meet at the boat at 10am on Tuesday 9th December. 

b) It is suggested by a few people that we develop winter activities such as scrabble, table tennis and getting together to watch major football and other sporting matches on TV. If anybody would like to join in please contact Gordon or Wendy




Summary of AGM 29th April 2014


Chairmans Report

I am reliably informed that this has been the busiest year on record for East Haven Residents’ Association in our 18 year history.

When we knew we were going to be 800 years old we embarked on a period of consultation which identified a number of priorities for residents and friends of East Haven. In summary these were;

  • A need to strengthen our identity as a fishing community and create a long lasting legacy.
  • A need to enhance and improve the natural amenity and environment
  • A need to explore more about our history and the people who have lived and worked in East Haven
  • A need to share information about our important heritage
  • A need to strengthen our own community

Specific ideas about how we would achieve the above priorities were, to plant a commemorative tree, install a bench, clean up our public toilets, create an art work and lasting legacy and improve the appearance of the village through a theme on fishing boats and flowers. People also suggested that we should hold a bonfire at Hogmanay and a summer event to celebrate our octocentenary and share information about our heritage. 

I think it’s fair to say that we are on track for achieving all of our goals and that of course, is down to the hard work and commitment of residents, friends and supporters of East Haven. We have also had considerable support from Angus Council, Elected Members, local clubs and Societies, Carnoustie Community Council, Gala Committee, and more recently, the Beechgrove Garden Team.


The first project to achieve completion was the rebuilding of Eric’s bridge which was opened by Eric himself on 6th October 2013. A great community effort which was recorded in a short film by Gregor Scott of Scottstyle films.

Meanwhile on 7th October we learned that an application for £4,064 from the Angus Community Grant scheme had been successful and that enabled us to take forward a number of key projects. For example, Angus Provost Helen Oswald marked the Countdown to our Octocentenary with the planting of a White Beam tree in the village square on 8th November 2013.

On 15th December we learned that an application we had made to the Angus Environmental Trust had been successful and that we were to receive a grant of £40,000 to redevelop the external of the public toilet block into a Heritage Point.

On Hogmany we held a bonfire on Eric’s croft and 13 year-old Owen Sweeney from Carnoustie piped in our 800th year. 

On 14th February we received a call from Kirsteen McDonald, BBC weather presenter to say that East Haven was now on the BBC weather map and that we will appear periodically during our octocentenary year. 

A commemorative bench was installed in the picnic area overlooking the sea by Councillor David Fairweather on 21st March and this was also as a result of funding from the Angus Community Grant scheme. ‘Rest a While in this Special Place, East Haven 1214 - 2014

March also saw residents celebrating with a glass of champagne when Beechgrove garden selected East Haven as one of only four sites in Scotland to take part in their community garden project and we will hear more about this later in the meeting. We were also successful in receiving a free tree pack from ‘The Woodland Trust Scotland’ and we will be planting these trees in May.


On 1st April, Jim Dunbar, local  water colour artist donated a limited edition print called ‘Towards East Haven’, to launch our East Haven 800 raffle. A full list of all the prizes can be seen on our web-site and we are extremely grateful to individuals and local businesses for their generous donations. 

On 5th April Councillor Ewan Smith opened our Maritime and Heritage Exhibition. This followed months of hard work and brought together hard to find information from both public and private collections. We also showcased our Heritage Bunting the result of a large community project. Each of the 123 panels told our story in a visual art work. Such was the interest in the exhibition that we extended it to run until the 23rd April.

Finally, the 24th April saw us able to make a public announcement about Awards for All Scotland who have made a grant of over £8,000 towards our East Haven Maritime and Heritage Event on 23 August. 

Its hard to believe that despite all that we have achieved, we are still only a third of the way through our octocentenary year. A number of exciting activities and events are yet to take place, not least our Beechgrove garden project, the arrival of the Queen’s Relay Baton and the opening our new Heritage Point in July some time. We were of course very fortunate in that local artist and cartoonist Brian Petrie created a beautiful art work by way of a story board for our Heritage Point.

I think you will all agree that it has been an exceptionally busy year but it has brought people together and we have achieved more than we would have imagined possible at our last AGM. My hope is that we continue to enjoy our festivities for the reminder of the year and take forward a stronger community into the years to come. 

Gordon Lumsdaine. Chairman. 29th April 2014

Secretary’s Report

As our Chairman said in his report, it has been a busy year and much of our business has been involved in taking forward East Haven 800. It began with consultation and we were so keen to try and fulfil everybody’s hopes and ambitions that it quickly became a major project of national proportions. It has been and still is to some extent, a huge learning curve.

It was necessary to revise our constitution at an early stage and formalise our committee. Therefore, we consulted with residents and held a meeting on 1st September 2013 at which we elected a new committee and agreed a new constitution. 

To progress our priorities we then;

  • Branded ourselves as East Haven 800
  • Developed good working relationships with the press and issued regular press releases.
  • Developed a new web-site which we update daily.  Introduced a blog for people who do not use Facebook and this is the most ‘read page’ on our web-site which currently has over 21,500 hits.
  • We have developed an ‘Our East Haven’ Facebook page
  • We have posted a communication strategy on our web-site and a privacy policy.
  • We have produced three newsletters which are sent out widely to keep people up-to-date with our activities. 
  • We became aligned to the Scotland Homecoming 
  • We signed the pledge with ‘Clean up Scotland ’
  • We strengthened our relationship with Angus Council and Elected Members
  • We attended Community Council meetings to keep members up-to-date on our work 
  • During the last 9 months we have submitted more than 20 grant enquiries/expressions of interest/applications. So far we have brought in more than £52,500 of funding all of which is for specific items. Therefore, we are still applying for funding for other projects such as our community garden. Our ongoing administrative costs remain considerable and we still require to recoup monies for this element of our activities.
  • We receive somewhere between 30 and 50 e-mails a day in relation to East Haven 800 and we aim to answer them all within 48 hours.
  • We continue to consult and communicate with people who have new ideas or an interest in our activities. We have held a number of consultation events in relation to the design and content of our Heritage Interpretation Panels. These are now complete and a final proof is available if anyone wishes to see them.

Projects ongoing include 

  • Writing up the book ‘Memories O’ the Ha’en and arranging for it to be printed.
  • Beechgrove Garden and the arrival of the Queen’s Relay Baton 
  • Opening of our Heritage Point
  • Wee Village in Bloom
  • Beautiful Scotland - Beautiful East Haven activities
  • Showcasing our Commemorative music
  • East Haven Maritime and Heritage Event 

Whilst progressing East Haven 800 we have also maintained our usual business;

Dog Control/Fouling

Continuing to raise awareness about control of dogs and dog fouling. Handing out bags. Communicating with Community Wardens. Notices on coastal path. Cleaning up. We have also formalised our link with the Green Dog Walkers Association part of Carnoustie Canine Capers.

Beach Cleans

We held a couple of beach cleans last year and moved a significant volume of plastic and marine debris from the beach and dunes.

Summer Barbecue: 

We held another very successful summer barbecue and were fortunate with the weather. We had excellent musical performances from Check the Pulse and Priya Ferguson. 


Refuse collections - We wrote to Angus Council to thank them for introducing a recycling service to the remaining 50% of the village. However, we also had to write to express concern about the idea of reintroducing communal bins in the village square to service Long Row. This was accepted on the basis that the village is doing so much to improve the environment and that it would not be consistent with our Beautiful East Haven 

Motorcycles on Beach

We have obtained a notice informing people that motorbikes and mortised vehicles are prohibited from the beach and dunes.

Met with Angus Council Management Team

Discussed a number of issues important to small communities such as East Haven, for example; alignment of ward boundaries, recycling, asset transfer, fast broadband

Superfast Fibre Broadband

We communicated extensively with BT and The Scottish Government Broadband project team to try and benefit from the roll our of fast broadband in Carnoustie in May but with no success. However, we have been assured that it will be rolled out to East Haven in 2016.

Rubbish in Field by railway.

We wrote to Angus Council Planning Dept about new rubbish that has been dumped in the field by the railway. They commenced an investigation into a possible breach of a Planning order and the person concerned has been given until the 8th May to remove it.

The Future

Finally, my hope for the year ahead is that the legacy we carry forward is a strong sense of community. A community in which there is a balance between people feeling that they live in a safe, caring place where people look out for one another but also respect one anothers  privacy. Having developed new friendships and stronger relationships it’s important that we create opportunities to maintain them and one of the ways in which we can do this is through our Garden and Heritage group which will take forward the maintenance of our community garden and heritage point. Everybody can be involved regardless of age and ability.

Wendy Murray, Secretary 29th April 2014











Summary of AGM held on Wednesday 24th April 2013

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 10th April 2012 were approved by Sandie Wright and seconded by Ethel Aberdein.

Treasurers report

Easthaven Residents Association hold a small account retaining the surplus from occasions such as the barbecue to offset any other expenditure on behalf of the  Association. The accounts were approved and the balance is currently £122.04.

Resident reports on activities during 2012

The Easthaven 2012 Bonfire and Barbecue were both successful events. More effort will be required this year to ensure that more residents are involved in the planning and organising.

West Coast Energy Wind-farm Application - This work has consumed much of our time, energy and resources over the past few years. However, in January 2013 the Scottish Government Reporter rejected the appeal by West Coast Energy stating that the proposed development would have been an oppressive presence on the community of Easthaven. Thanks were expressed again to Ian Bancroft and all residents who worked on this project.

Councillor Representation and Carnoustie Community Council – EHRA representatives have met with Carnoustie Community Council members to discuss ways of improving communication and collaboration.  Some residents are attending meetings as observers from time to time If you are interested in participating in a formal rota please contact Wendy.

Neighbourhood Watch

All Residents were consulted during 2012 on their views about resurrecting a Neighbourhood Watch. Under the new scheme it is necessary to have an interest from 60% of the community. However, only 7 people have registered an interest and therefore it is not being pursued at the present time.

Angus Council have carried out a review of all public toilet provision in Angus and made recommendations about future provision. It has been recommended that the Easthaven  toilets are retained under the present arrangements. We have subsequently responded to consultation on the matter and asked the Council if it is possible to make improvements to the present provision. Anybody interested in reading the report submitted by EHRA please contact Wendy

Notice Board - A lot of work has been undertaken during 2012 to maintain the residents’  notice board which is deteriorating now due to age and weather conditions. A review of it’s use was undertaken and it is agreed that the board is solely for displaying discreet information about activities directly related to the Association and the village itself.

Beach Clean – There has been an unprecedented amount of dead sea birds and rubbish brought in by the tides during the winter. Residents have been doing what they can to clear as much as possible but it is hoped to organise a more structured  beach clean in the near future.

Carnoustie Stretch of Cycle Path – Angus Council is currently considering options in relation to the soil blown onto the path causing an obstruction and safety problem.

Eric’s Bridge – work will commence on the rebuilding of Eric’s bridge over the next few months. Anybody interested in helping please contact Jack Scott who is leading on this project. If anybody knows where we can source a telegraph pole or two please let us know.

Green Dog Walkers - There has been a significant increase in the amount of dog fouling since the new coastal path was opened. Wendy has met with Flora Cairnie of the Green Dog Walkers in Carnoustie and attended a consultation event on strategies to improve the problem. The particular issues in Easthaven are:


1.Professional dog walkers arriving with several dogs that they are unable to monitor and clean up after.

2.A core group of irresponsible people who believe it is legitimate to let dogs foul in rural places

3.A belief amongst some people that it is legitimate to let dogs foul on the beach or below the low water line. Allowing dogs to foul on the beach is illegal and subject to fine.

4.We have been clearing up mess and handing out bags and this has highlighted where some of the particular problems are. The Green Dog Walkers are extremely proactive in trying to take a whole systems approach to tackling the problem. i.e at a citizen level, council level, national level. Residents agree that EHRA should formally associate with the Green Dog Walkers.

Broadband -BT is to upgrade Carnoustie to high speed broadband. We are currently making enquires to see if the speed in Easthaven can be improved at the same time.

Easthaven 800

2014 marks the 800th anniversary of Easthaven, the oldest recorded fishing village in Scotland. Everybody in the village has been formally consulted on their priorities for marking this special year. There was a 52% return rate to the questionnaire Other people were visited at home. People who used to live in Easthaven have also started to make contact with us. Priorities as outlined in the questionnaire to residents were as follows:

 EH800 Priorities

1 choice



Sculpture / Fishing Heritage point




Flowers/fishing boats




Event to mark occasion




Reprint Ha’ens O’ Panbride




Bonfire at New Year




In addition, several other suggestions were put forward which received full support from residents.

  1. Commission a commemorative piece of music from talented musicians in the village.
  2. Plant a commemorative tree.
  3. Install a Commemorative bench

EHRA has met with representatives from Angus Council who are working with us to identify funding options to take forward our ambitions. Residents were informed that Councillors David Fairweather and Ewan Smith have both offered practical support to assist us in taking forward Easthaven 800 and Provost Helen Oswald has said she will be pleased to attend any event we might hold.

There is a need to establish a small working group to co-ordinate all the various activities in addition to a number of smaller groups focusing on individual projects.

A meeting has therefore been arranged for Monday 27th May at 6.45pm in the Panmure Centre Carnoustie.