East Haven Residents' Association April 1996 - July 2015

The last meeting of East Haven Residents' Association was held on 30th July 2015. Residents raised a glass to members past and present who have served on the Association during it's almost 20 year history. A new charity called East Haven Together now replaces the work of the Association. More about the new charity can be found on a seperate page.

  • Voting at the Bothy

    Voting took place on Polling day, 7th May - not for Westminster but for the name of our new proposed SCIO

  • Our New Name

    Residents voted for
    'East Haven Together'
    We have now submitted our application to become a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO).

  • Our new logo

    Thanks to everybody who has now voted on our new logo design. We have overwhelming support for this image being symbolic of both our fishing heritage and our commitment to working together

Our Constitution and Charitable Aims

We have been consulting and talking about our charitable aims and how they fit with our overall sustainability strategy for East Haven. It is not possible to upload our strategy on to the site due to it's format. However, here are our agreed charitable aims. We will publish our full constitution when it has been approved by OSCR. 

The SCIO will promote, advance and further the following charitable purposes:-

  1. the advancement of citizenship or community development; and
  2. the advancement of environmental protection or improvement.

the charitable purposes for which the SCIO is established will be furthered by the SCIO through:

  • Protecting and promoting the heritage of East Haven
  •  Protecting the natural heritage of East Haven
  • Protecting and enhancing the natural environment of East Haven
  • Promoting the needs and interests of East Haven and it’s residents.Developing and maintaining a sustainable community
  • Protecting wildlife

Residents vote to progress idea of SCIO

At the AGM held on 7th April 2015 residents voted in favour of progressing the idea of a SCIO. Work will now begin to look at developing a constitution that meets both the standards laid down by OSCR and also the interests of residents. Further consultation will be held as work progresses to ensure that the constituiton meets the needs and aspirations of all those involved.

AGM 7th April 2015 - Looking to the Future

‘Looking to the Future’ is the theme of our AGM this year as we vote on whether or not East Haven Residents’ Association should apply to become a Scottish Charity Incorporated Organisation (SCIO). A SCIO is a legal form unique to Scottish charities and provides a robust framework within which groups can organise themselves. For some time now, a number of residents have also suggested that the term Residents’ Association is outdated and conjures up images of a formal committee with people sitting around the table having a moan. As you know, this is far from the reality in East Haven and has been for many years. 

The Association was set up in 1996 when East Haven was unsuccessful in a bid to establish it's own Community Council to look after the needs and interests of the village and it’s people. However, it has always functioned in a collaborative manner and different residents have taken lead roles from time to time to progress various issues and projects. As a result, the community is much stronger and more resilient than it was 19 years ago. Our octocentenary year also saw East Haven extend the boundaries of it’s geographical community to embrace a much larger community. There are many people who don’t live in East Haven but for a variety of reasons feel a close connection and have invested something of themselves in the community. Therefore a new organisation in the form of a SCIO with a new name, say for example,  ’East Haven Together’, would be more representative of the community in 2015. It would also enable all those with an interest in East Haven to participate in the new organisation and help to further strengthen our community. 

The current committee and those closely involved with EHRA believe that we already meet many of the reporting standards of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) in relation to a SCIO. Therefore, it seems that we have nothing to lose but much to gain in applying  for SCIO status. We have set out in a seperate document delivered to all residents some of the differences that it will mean for EHRA and encouraged people to look at OSCR’s web-site to find out more about SCIOs. The web-site address is www.oscr.org.uk

In considering whether or not one would want to become a member of a future SCIO in East Haven it would be important to consider what the charitable purpose of such an organisation would be. To pass the charity test a SCIO has to demonstrate that it makes a positive difference to the public.

Charitable Purpose East Haven SCIO (DRAFT)

  • To protect and promote the heritage of East Haven 
  • To protect the natural heritage of East Haven 
  • To protect and enhance the natural environment of East Haven
  • To develop and maintain a sustainable community 
  • To protect wildlife


Do you agree that East Haven Residents’ Association should be dissolved following successful application to become a SCIO?


If residents are unable to come along to the AGM to vote in person please nominate a person to vote on your behalf or alternatively register your vote in writing to the secretary, Wendy Murray by Monday 6th April at 5pm.

If two thirds or more of people voting are in favour of dissolving East Haven Residents' Association following successful application to become a SCIO we will progress an application immediately after the AGM on 7th April 2015. If anybody has an interest in becoming a Trustee of the proposed SCIO (if approved by members) please contact Wendy Murray, Secretary. Similarly, if anybody has any additional ideas for a name for the proposed new SCIO or anything to add to the charitable purpose please inform Wendy Murray prior to the AGM on 7th April 2015.


  • East Haven Residents' Association achieve silver gilt award in Beautiful Scotland's 'Wee Village in Bloom' 2014

  • East Haven Residents' Association win Herald Society Award for community project of the year 2014

  • East Haven Residents' Association win Visit Scotland Tourism Award for 2014

Aim of the Association

To provide a forum to raise issues of common interest and promote the needs and interests of East Haven and its residents.


EHRA Committee

Chairperson - Gordon Lumsdaine

Secretary and Lead on East Haven 800 - Wendy Murray

Treasurer - Ethel Aberdein

Co-Treasurer - Dareena Scott


A History of the Association

The late Steve Duncan

East Haven Residents’ Association was established on the 6th May 1996 when an inaugural meeting was held in the Almondbank Hotel Carnoustie. It was a decision by planners to site a new Waste Water Treatment Plant at the Bleachfield that motivated residents to establish an action group to protect the interests of East Haven residents and ensure that the detrimental impact of a plant this size was minimised. Ian Bancroft, Mel Ross and the late Steve Duncan led the campaign that eventually  saw the site of the plant moved from the Bleachfield to the  Hatton site. Residents worked collaboratively with planners and the former North of Scotland Water Authority to ensure that the new plant would be built to the best specification possible with minimal negative impact on the environment.  

It occurred to residents that perhaps there was a case for East Haven having it’s own Community Council. Representation was subsequently made to the Local Authority but despite the best efforts of residents, the request was turned down due to our small population size. The idea of a Residents' Association was then considered and twenty eight people attended the inaugural meeting.

In 1997, the village turned out in force to support Mel Ross, Alastair Stuart and the late Steve Duncan who were all successfully elected onto the Carnoustie Community Council. All three represented the interests of the people of Easthaven over a number of years and gave residents a voice on key issues affecting the Ha'en.

During the early years of the Association, people were busy on a number of issues and it was agreed that a newsletter would be a useful way of keeping people in touch with developments. The first East Haven Newsletter was published in December 1997 and following consultation with residents it became known as Ha'en Matters. However, only three newsletters were ever published, the second one being in May 1998. In the last issue of November 1998 interesting articles on East Haven's history were included due to the efforts of the late Steve Duncan who was keen to ensure that these stories were not forgotten. 

Through the activities of the Association over the years a number of issues have been addressed and improvements made.  The Association has adhered strictly to it’s original aim of focusing on issues affecting the village and the environment and not becoming involved in neighbour issues.

 Key achievements of the Association between 1996 and 2013 were;

  •  80% of EHRA concerns about the Waste Water Treatment Plant were addressed
  •  Eric Duncan built a village notice board and Dick Kelman maintains a flower bed in the village square
  • Tom Walker produced the first village map for display in the notice board. Ian Bancroft and Billy Duncan subsequently updated the original.
  • A refuse collection service was established for residents on the south side of the railway. This was the first refuse service for over a  hundred years and removed the unsightly bins from the village square.
  • The beach car park was  redesigned to discourage anti-social activity and make the amenity more attractive to visitors
  • Dog bins were provided in 1998 and residents spoke to dog owners about respecting the beach and environment in Easthaven. This work continues and extends to all forms of littering.
  • EHRA supports the 'Keep Scotland Beautiful campaign' and also Carnoustie Green Dog Walkers
  • New road markings and signs installed on the approach roads to Easthaven to protect road users and residents
  • Additional bus services were established
  • Residents have undertaken a number of beach cleans
  • The first East Haven Barbecue was held on 18th July 1998. residents built seats and stands and a stage for our own local band, 'Check the Pulse'.
  • Millennium celebrations included  house parties and a  midnight bonfire
  • Billy Duncan designed our first web-site in 2009 and a logo for our Association
  • We successfully campaigned against the installation of giant windturbines at Hatton.
  • We have worked together as a community to develop a number of projects and activities aimed at celebrating and commemorating our Octocentenary in 2014.

2014 - East Haven 800

What was achieved?

A new web-site was launched and an ‘Our Easthaven’ facebook page was established.

Over 20 grant enquiries and applications were made in the space of a few months. Over £80,000 was raised for specific projects.

Residents acquired an old fishing boat which had been wrecked and left on the beach at St Andrews. They arranged for it to be transported back to the village and obtained a community grant from Angus Council to refurbish it. 

Residents met with representatives of Angus Council who agreed to lease land in the village square to enable the development of a community garden.

Residents rebuilt Eric’s bridge, a foot bridge at the  little burn, north of Shore Row. This much loved bridge was accidently removed during the creation of the new cycle path. Eric himself opened the bridge in a small ceremony held in October 2013.

In November 2013, Angus Provost Helen Oswald, planted a Whitebeam commemorative tree (Sorbus Aria Lutescens) in what was to become the East Haven 800 Beechgrove  Community Garden.

A bonfire was held on Hogmanay 2013 and 13 year old Carnoustie piper, Owen Sweeney, piped in East Haven’s  800th year.

Councillor, David Fairweather installed a commemorative bench in the picnic area. The bench is inscribed with a plaque, ‘Rest a while in this special place’     East Haven 1214 – 2014.

Residents launched a major community project involving the creation of heritage bunting. People from all over the UK and Maule in France designed a panel of bunting depicting something of their connection to East Haven. Each of the 125 panels tells it’s own story but together each panel tells the whole story of East Haven. The children of Coupar Angus Primary school contributed with a panel depicting the Abbey which is where East Haven’s story began in 1214. Each panel was photographed and uploaded into an online gallery on the web-site. www.easthavenangus.com

Councillor, Ewan Smith opened the East Haven Maritime and Heritage Exhibition in Carnoustie Library which was held over three weeks in April 2014. This was the largest exhibition of it’s type ever to have been held in the town. It brought together hard to find information and artefacts from both public and private collections. People visited from all over the UK and comments which were left in the visitors book were uploaded onto the web-site.

Residents obtained funding from the Angus Environmental Trust to develop a heritage point in the car park area overlooking the sea. This includes a shelter reflecting the fact that the fishermen used to have a shelter close by. Residents consulted widely on the design and content of the six heritage boards. Local artists, photographers and the RSPB, SNH, and the Angus Cetecan Awareness group were all involved.

Residents provided hospitality and heritage information to 160 visiting cub scouts on the 10th May 2014.

Residents marked ‘Clean up Europe Day’ in May 2014 with a major beach clean and were joined by Carnoustie Canine Capers and  Cadets from 2449 (Carnoustie) Squadron, Air Training Corps. Residents  provided an exhibition of their heritage bunting and refreshments. Residents signed the pledge with ‘Clean up Scotland’ and ‘Clean up Angus’. 

Residents refurbished a small fishing dinghy and placed it on the traffic island at the gateway to the village. Children were invited via social media to collect a beach pebble and help create a pebble beach around it. The boat was initially planted with daffodils and then with gold perennial plants to help celebrate 50 years of RHS. 

Residents acquired 30 small trees from ‘The Woodland Trust Scotland’. Children of the village planted them to create a lasting, living legacy for the future.

Residents made an application to Beechgrove Garden to see if they would like to help create the community garden. East Haven was subsequently selected as one of only four locations in Scotland to take part in the programme. During the period April to June 2014, residents and friends undertook a phenomenal amount of work to prepare the ground and establish a garden. At times it seemed like a herculean task to clear the area and then dig-in 20 tons of top soil and a further 20 tons of peat and compost. Restoration of the boat was also a considerable undertaking but, after many months, the boat was eventually lifted into a specially created bed of gravel in the garden. The boat was renamed ‘The Sisters’ after one of Davie Herd’s boats in 1912. The garden was completed during two days of filming on the 25th and 26th June by the Beechgrove Garden Team. It was an amazing experience for residents and a great sense of achievement and pride when it was completed.

On 28th June 2014 a small market was held in the village square reflecting the fact that East Haven was granted the right to hold a weekly market in 1541. Residents also welcomed the Queens Baton Relay which was piped in by former resident John Hill. The baton holder was able to climb on the boat and raise the baton which was a poignant moment for East Haven. 

Also in June, all three primary schools in Carnoustie and the High School, presented residents with  large heritage story boards telling the story of East Haven through multi-media art work. 

Residents entered Beautiful Scotland’s  ‘Wee Village in Bloom’ competition and achieved a 'Silver Gilt' award. 

On 23rd August 2014 residents held the East Haven Maritime and Heritage Event. This large celebratory occasion linked to the Scotland Homecoming  and focused on a Taste of Angus food, music and the arts. A number of heritage exhibitions, performances  and demonstrations were also held. 

Also at the Maritime and Heritage Event, Carnoustie brass band premiered a piece of music commissioned by residents and composed by East Haven musician, Gregor Beattie called ‘The Haven’.

Gregor Scott, the son of Dareena and Jack Scott at No.3 Long Row made several short films of East Haven 800 celebrations and these can be viewed on the web-site. 

A book was printed called 'Memories O' the Ha'en and has been made available  to the wider public. It comprises a rich collection of memoirs and stories which are now preserved for future generations. It is hoped that a copy will survive a hundred years so that future residents of East Haven will know how the residents of 2014 celebrated their octocentenary. 

Finally, East Haven Residents' Association was awarded the VistScotland Tourism Award for 2014 and the Herald Society award for Community Project of the Year.


East Haven 1214 - 2014